PUBG Mobile guide Island Map Best Locations

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the importance of snipers is self-evident. Similarly, the position of the sniper is also the general position not can be instead of . Today we are talking about the sniper’s preference and location and key position in the island map.

[Location Features]

Based on the data, we summarize the map distribution of some of the sniper’s highest probability and relatively best sniper positions, as shown below.

One type of regional characteristics: high point, so-called high point It is the high terrain, and the high terrain is relatively the advantage of the vision. For the sniper, the target is found earlier and faster, so that the high point is one of the priority positions of the sniper.

Characteristics of the second type of area: plain, plain area features In the open space of the scope, there are fewer bunkers in the area. Of course, as a sniper, we naturally cannot choose this position 蹲守 , snipers generally choose the location of the shelter in the plain area, such as a small building for card points. The movements in the surrounding plains can be seen at a glance.

Three types of regional characteristics: single road, separate road These types of locations are relatively small and generally only appear in a few special locations. This type of position is generally the only way for the enemy to run the circle. The target is clear. The sniper only needs to select a good point around to carry out the card point. .

[Best position]

The location mentioned above is indeed a lot, but because of the terrain, most locations have major hidden dangers and threats. Below we will recommend the most threatening and effective sniper points on the island.

1. For the player who blocks the bridge, it is a better sniper position, and the disadvantage is more obvious. Many times, you can’t stop the enemy of the bridge, but you can effectively attack other bridge players. The terrain is high and it is not easy to be attacked by other enemies.

2 is a place Relatively close to the cliff, there are fewer players. The area is close to the beach and there is a slope to save the car. A toilet can be used as a shelter. Even if it is knocked down by an opponent, you can quickly climb into the toilet for assistance. The field of view is extremely wide, and there are anti-slopes in the extra position.

3. When the circle brush This location is a better place to look at in the northern part of the map. Can effectively observe the enemy movement in the direction of R City. Many players will take advantage of this and need some offensive and defensive skills.

4. The area is on the road, and there are two three-storey buildings on both sides of the road. The roof has a roof and there is no roof. You can choose this building without a roof. The area of ​​view is extremely wide, and there are fewer bunkers in the surrounding area. It is easy to find the enemy’s movements around.

5. Located at G A garage building in the eastern part of the port. There is nothing left in the air, the only thing that needs to be worried is the enemy in the southern hilltop area. It can effectively attack the G port container and the enemy in Shangcheng District.

6. Commonly known as the player Police station. It belongs to the highest building in the area, with no roof and can be placed on the roof. You only need to be able to evade bullets in all directions at the same time. It is separated from the main building of Y City by a highway, which can effectively warn.

Ok, this is what I brought to you in this issue. Some of the island maps have the location of the representative sniper’s card points, and I hope to help the players.

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