PUBG Mobile guide crouching out! Classic mode alternates day and night

Every update of “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” is believed to bring different levels of surprises to the players, such as the alternate day and night in the classic mode of this update. Many players may not be able to adapt at this stage. Let’s take a detailed introduction to the day and night mode to help players get into the rhythm of the new version of the game.

[Mode Introduction]

Staying up late is the game New weather added, players have a chance to encounter in the classic mode, but need to pay attention, the day and night weather only appears in the island map at this time !

After entering the game, we only need to pay attention to the lower left corner of the screen to to know whether the day and night mode is as follows The figure shows.

[Environmental characteristics]

Players fall early in day and night mode It can be found that this mode is quite different from the normal mode of the classic mode, and the most intuitive is the change of the sky. Initial Sky color is near dusk, with a glory scatter .

Then after a while, it enters the evening time, when the ambient light is greatly reduced. However, the impact on the visual field is not too great, and the visibility is about 80% of the usual .

After a while, it will enter the final night time period. Of course, this period of time is not enough to reach out to the five fingers, but the visibility is basically reduced to 30% in the normal field of view.

[Playing strategy]

First here To say the most important item, it is the special equipment in the day and night mode – night vision. Night vision devices, as the name implies, help props to gain visibility at night. After wearing the night vision device, our visibility will be greatly improved, and the field of view can be restored to about 60% of the normal field of view. Night vision device acquisition method is also relatively simple, but compared to the face, all major resource points have a chance to brush out.

As we all know, vision is the most important factor in the game. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes in the case of different time periods and poor visual field.

The formulation of the game must be based on whether there is a night vision device in the entire team. There are night vision devices. If there are more than two teams in the four-person team, you can consider chasing airdrops. In this mode, airdrops are basically only available to night vision players. For example, blocking bridges or attacking buildings, etc., in general, choose the initiative to play, to maximize the benefits of night vision. Of course, if you choose a conservative style of play, then you should give the night vision device to the sniper teammates as much as possible. With the high power mirror, you can find the enemy earlier, or attack the distant enemy.

Secondly, you need to pay attention to the situation if the team and itself do not have night vision devices. The best way to do night mode is to find a high-rise building. Don’t even think about airdrops. What we have to do is to spend our inferior period smoothly and calmly.

Ok, this is the game that I brought to you in this issue. The whole content of the new day and night mode, I hope to help players. !

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