PUBG Mobile guide Basic Skills and Tactical Tactics Guide for Assaulters

In the fixed team that stimulates the battlefield, in order to maximize the limited resources, the captain will usually assign these people to some people according to their technical expertise, such as having a very good play. Players, the team usually gives priority to the sniper rifle and high-powered lens to use, so that it can maximize the role of materials.

And many players who have not touched other shooting games are entering the exciting battlefield. Afterwards, I found that the biggest obstacle to restricting my performance was the shooting method. So I started to be LYB and took advantage of the points. So last season, the ace of KD no more than 1 was all over the place. In fact, this is a progress for us. It’s also very bad, and the gameplay experience is not very good, so if the friends have a fixed team, you can try to strengthen your own shots in the friend’s team and take the position of the assaulter. , improve your own level.

As the assaulter, the most important ability is to encounter the enemy without panic. The shooting method is second, because once you panic, your hands will be out of control, and when performing precise aiming, the mood will be very ups and downs. Affect the shooting feel, many stroke masters are like this. Here is a very partial exercise method for novice players, that is to fight the showdown, try to find 2 connected guns, a single point, a fully automatic, when the enemy is 20 meters away (do not know The distance students can go to the training ground to find the feeling), just single point, practice mentality, anyway, the entertainment mode is not lost, and the next game is dead, because the enemy is very excited, and the single point is needed. With the click of a button, this strong conflict can help us practice our emergency response capabilities, which is critical for the assault.

When the segmentation is low, we can not care about the name, we will find someone to kill. Once you take your mind out of “hiding cat”, your technology will definitely have a quality. Flying over.

The second is to attack the building. For many newcomers, it is more difficult to attack the building than to climb the sky. Because when we attacked the building, we knew that the enemy was waiting for us upstairs. Some players who were courageous felt that I was going to die, especially the kind of teammates. Already going up, she obviously went out with the enemy, but he just shrank behind, and finally waited for the enemy upstairs to finish the medicine, finished the bag, jumped upstairs and easily wiped him out.

In the correct battle, the collective assault is a must, but it must be kept at a distance, so that the teammates in front can be given a chance to retreat. Many newcomers are just behind others, and finally Kill the cards of your teammates on the stairs. It is very difficult to attack the building theory. There are two tips to help us improve the success rate of the attack: 1. When the main attacker rushed up, he was beaten from the stairs. You can try to throw a grenade at the stairs to prevent the enemy from rushing down the stairs to back pressure (after all, our ammunition and blood volume are inferior); 2. If conditions permit, you can throw a smoke bomb on the first floor, the benefits of doing so There are two, the first can let the enemy chased from the second floor can not find the kill target in the first time, and second, it can also prevent the enemy on the second floor from jumping down to kill us from the window (and relying on the third person advantage) , we can still see the enemy’s position)

However, in the game, the general attack It’s all helpless, because the cost and loss of the building is not commensurate. Even the professional team can’t guarantee that the team will not lose the staff when they attack the building, but many times will come out.Now, if you don’t take this building, you will be beaten into a rabbit by the enemy. At this time, you only have a hard scalp.

At the same time, in low segmentation, there is a good shot that is indeed possible Do whatever he wants, but after reaching a certain segment, the role of the gunfare is weakened. Because of the existence of the mobile phone “assisted aiming”, the outcome of many matchups is to decide who to see first, but to see first. When you get to the enemy, you have to start learning some tactical knowledge and start trying to play somewhere else.

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