PUBG Mobile guide competitive mode to stimulate upgrade Hardcore operation waiting for you to challenge

Chicken has seen a new competitive mode in the new version! Chicken as a little gun prince can’t help but eager to try ~

In the competitive mode, we canceled the automatic picking, sound visualization radar, rifle from With bullets, automatic door opening, and feedback from the direction of their own attack, the technical requirements for the combat of the chickens are improved. So, what skills do the chickens need to master in order to successfully eat chickens? Let’s take a look at the chicken!

Athletic mode entrance


In the competitive mode, the chicken summarizes the following points and we should be proficient Skills used:

1. In the competitive mode, the functions of automatic picking and automatic door opening are eliminated. The speed of the chickens is very important. All the materials need to be picked up by hand. Including the opening and closing of the door into the house also requires the chicken friends to do it themselves! Here, the chickens give the chickens a small tip: if they are chased by the enemy in the battle, they can close the door immediately after entering the door, and use the enemy’s reaction delay to create an escape opportunity for themselves~

2. The competitive mode cancels the bullet function of the gun. After the guns and bullets are picked up, the chickens remember to manually click on the loaded bullets and pay attention to them throughout the game. Load bullets. Otherwise, some players who are accustomed to the automation operation may be faced with the embarrassing situation that there is no bullet in the enemy gun due to the temporary incompatibility.

3. The competitive mode cancels the sound visualization radar, and the small icons of the firearms, footsteps, and vehicle sounds are no longer displayed in the small map. It is especially important here! Secondly, always pay attention to the surrounding during the game, focus on observing the enemy’s position, and pay close attention to the enemy’s muzzle. In the choice of terrain, it is also recommended that the chickens quickly occupy the high point, and it is easier to conceal and discover the enemy at high places.

4. In the competitive mode, the feedback of the attack direction is canceled. When the chickens are attacked but cannot find the enemy immediately, Don’t panic first! Immediately use the S-type running and jumping position to find shelter to avoid, do not stand in the same place as a gun target, while observing the direction in which the bunker is hit when the bullet attacks you, quickly determine the general direction of the enemy.

Listening to the sound is very important in the competitive mode~ Intimate chickens are once again reviewing the chickens from the burning tea today. Teaching Listening and Recognition Tips~

1. The enemy’s footsteps on the same level are basically the same as your footsteps;

2. If the enemy is downstairs, the sound is like walking up;

3. If the enemy is upstairs, the sound will be low;

4. The footsteps of the roof will sound similar to the sound of the same layer.

Speaking of so many skills~ Chicken feels that it is a big stimulus to eat chicken in the competitive mode! The chicken friends are excited about the upgraded competitive mode, do you have their own unique chicken skills? Welcome the chickens to write your tips in the message area~

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