PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Anecdote, don’t you know the latest competitive mode?

It’s another weekend and a happy rest day. I am finally able to take a break and have a few chickens. I heard that the recent “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” entertainment mode has updated the new gameplay: the competitive mode.

<123 As the name suggests, this model is said to be more competitive, that is to say, the pursuit of reality and more reflects the player's own strength, all in this mode without any hints, weapons from the ground are not self-contained ammunition, will not be empty Automatically change the bomb after the clip.

This mode still looks very good, so I decided to experience this new one. The entertainment mode is what it is like.

Four rows of random teams, you guys still won my heart! I know that I like to play wild, I chose a wild area to jump, and today’s teammates are qualified, I like it.

In this mode you will find that there is no bullet in the weapon magazine you picked up, and there is a bomb icon on the right side of the weapon. You need to manually click on this icon before the weapon will start to change. Those who are not familiar with this mode may forget to change the bomb in a tense battle. I hope that I will not be nervous to forget to change the bomb.

Wow! Are you so ferocious? Did you use the fist to kill the other party? I am still working hard to find weapons here, people are more dead than people!

God, are people now so fond of playing wild? So many people in such a remote wilderness area? I am only trying to quietly play a wilderness. Is this request so difficult? How come so many people come to this small wilderness area to search.

Finally from that dangerous The wild area was safely killed, and a few random teammates were also awesome, and none of them were alive. On the way to the lap, I encountered a 98k, beautiful. 98k is in the hand, I have it in the world!

I even met an amusement park. This game is really awesome. I just found a random refreshing amusement park after 98k. It seems that this game has to be rich in oil, and it is good to eat chicken.

Yes, I have also updated the first perspective of the vehicle, but after getting used to the third perspective of the vehicle, it is always uncomfortable to use the first perspective to drive the vehicle., all kinds of hit trees hit the wall, I still honestly use the third perspective to drive. After all, my sister’s driver’s license has not yet gotten her hand.

All the way to the enemy, and finally to enter the finals. However, we have lost two teammates on the road, and now only the sisters and teammates are left. However, the equipment of the sister-in-law on this road has also been completely replaced, and the express delivery has received a lot of airdrops. AUG, M24, Geely suit, and three-level suits are really rich in oil! I don’t want to eat chicken, I am sorry for this gorgeous equipment.

In the final finals, there is only one sister, I am alone, really nervous! Hurry up and take the medicine to fill the state, the clips are all full, ready for the final battle, can you eat the chicken and watch the last stroke.

AUG is invincible, airdrop weapon is a cow! Easily eat an enemy and win the chicken!

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