PUBG Mobile guide team command introduction, the most comprehensive command manual

In the stimulating battlefield, if the free man is the eye of the team, the commander is the brain of the team, and today I will tell you about the brain of the team, what the commander should do, I hope to give everyone Provide a little idea.

Before the official explanation begins, you need to tell everyone some questions. First, the wild team does not have a command position, because the teammates are not stable and the level is uneven, even if you don’t hit your order, it is very It is difficult to guarantee the task you handed him. Second, usually part-time commanding position in any position other than free men, and do not think of themselves as a command you can draw water.

First of all, the most important role of command is to choose point transfer, compared to The sniper’s observation and command of the details of the battle, the most important role of the command position is to select points. When the first circle is lit, the commander should quickly think about a feasible tactical solution (such as when to start laps, from which angle into the ring, whether or not anti-electricity).

As mentioned before, the free man is the eyes of the team, and what we need to do in this “brain” is to analyze the information seen by the “eyes” and then develop a plan. The most common method here is to let freedom. man ahead of his 1-2 minutes drive, giving them priority exploration into the point of observation point and then free people can mark some enemies on this map, so large forces when traveling, try to avoid these enemies, if not avoided Open, but also quickly develop a storm.

When selecting a point, the effect of the reverse slope with a pit is quite good. It is even better than the housing area in terms of the point. The biggest advantage of this anti-slope is that it is extremely concealed. Because we need to consider the visual field, concealment, and the ability to protect the car when selecting points, and these points are all available.

When entering the circle, pay attention to the distance between the player and the player, and in the normal situation Next, please try to be one person and one car, and pay attention to the distance between them should not be too far, so as to avoid the support is not timely to reduce the staff.

If your team level is much higher than the segment, the safest method The reason is that most of the strong teams have high killing efficiency, and it is unlikely to be in ink with the enemy for a long time. If the level of themselves and the players are not very prominent, then enter the circle as early as possible. Heart target is also a good choice.

Finally, let’s talk about the common tactics of the command, and the different tactics at different times. usage.

1.4 people hold the group: This tactic is no longer a tactic. now most of the field team is one such play, this play is a simple little bunker in terrain circumstances can give a strong fire suppression, disguise improve survivability.

2.22 points: This is a very powerful offensive tacticWhen attacking the enemy’s point, you can quickly pull the gun line to kill it at multiple angles, or easily form a crossfire to launch the charge.

3.31 Freedom: This style of play is typical The free man plays the game. The scope of application is mainly because the rear is not safe. When you need to sweep the tail, or when the route to the circle has complex terrain or room, simply say that when someone needs to explore the road, we can Use 3+1 tactics to increase our survival rate.

Finally, no matter how good the command is, if no one is listening, it’s all in vain, a good one. The team must be disciplined. Sometimes, if teammates can’t carry out your command, it’s better not to command. This is why the command position does not exist in the wild team.

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