PUBG Mobile guide Assaulter Getting Started Guide, Essential Cognitive Analysis

We talked about free people and commanders before, so let’s continue the previous topic and talk about another important role in the team formation, the assault.

The biggest feature of the position of the assaulter is that it has a strong fighting ability, especially when the soldiers are connected, the ability to quickly knock down the enemy is the regular strength of the team to help the team solve the dilemma. The most important ability of the assaulter is the shooting method. On the gun method, online articles can be described as overwhelming, but here is to say that the practice of shooting is like muscle training, there is not much shortcut to follow, if you always squat on Points, we will never be an outstanding assaulter.

The assaulter should always be in the first place when the team is attacking the building, and strive to defeat the enemy. Regarding the firearm configuration of the assault, it is recommended to 5.56 rifle +686/Victor, especially when there is a full-time sniper in the fixed team, we should pay more attention to our ability to meet the short-term, the rifle can be equipped with a microscope. Some remotely suppress firepower, while the secondary weapon is an artifact of street fighting.

Speaking of this, it is necessary to talk about the most important role of the assaulter. ——Teaching the building, because as an assaulter, our instant response ability should be the strongest in the team. We can quickly find the enemy and kill it by the instant analysis ability of the battle to ensure the safety of the team. The attacking and defending buildings are the same. Here we will talk about the attack and defense of the building of the compulsory course of the assault.

In the game, unless there is a last resort, only one floor of the building is not recommended. The reason is very simple. Once the enemy finds someone in the house, a few grenade can be used to let us run out to target the enemy. And when I was holding the window, I had to kneel down to ensure that I was not found, which further limited our horizons. At the same time, because of the simple structure of the single-storey building, the enemy could easily locate our position after running two rounds around the house. Then you can easily kill us through multiple people.

The view of the three-story building is generally very good, not only has a large balcony, but also a three-story target platform. This type of building is generally the first choice for players who are not very mature, and those LYB I really like to watch such buildings. These guys usually observe our window after they discover us, and then they will suddenly wear our little green hat with 98K. In addition to being easily attacked by people, the real weakness of the three-story building is that if we encounter a coward and forcefully attack the building, how many times do we keep the floor? If we are on the third floor, the coward rushes in, and we will wait for us on the second floor. Do you want to spend time with him? Don’t want to consume? Jumping? If we choose to jump, people are upstairs and we are downstairs. If we want to eliminate him, then we will become a bad luck now. If you choose to retreat, you will only be the target of the enemy on the 2nd floor. Even if you are stationed on the 1st floor, you must also guard against the enemy jumping from the second floor to make a surprise attack. In short, it is hard to get a fight.

So the best place to be true is the humble two-story building Because these two-story buildings can easily observe the enemies downstairs, and the second-floor buildings usually have some small compartments to help us avoid the grenade, and whether it is to keep the stairs or jump to the enemy to catch up with the enemy can take the lead machine.

In the game, the ability of the assault is not a gift, but a lightning response formed by continuous training of yourself. A sniper, the overall situation can be bad, but the gun must be hard, a good assaulter can accurately and quickly complete the task of command position, so that the team can quickly solve the immediate crisis, and then help us to transfer and develop quickly .

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