PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Resurrection is not a dream, save the world’s medical kit to understand

It was a peak matchup of the masters, and the war took three days and three nights. The sky is falling apart, the mountains are trembled, the sky is trembled, and none of them have appeared, but at least they finally decided to win. The third-level bag teenager wins the first-class bag with the advantage of more bullets. The first-class bag teenager abandoned the third-level bag teenager and became a square box by himself. However, after the war, only the third-grade teenagers were alone, dragging the crumbling body, and the teenager fell to the side of the road.

Oh! Really a poor child, want to get a freshman? Want to be healthy? As long as you buy the products of the old man, you can have the whole world. Child, you talk, why did you start to roll your eyes? Your Rongfu introduces his product, I believe that you will fall in love.

“It is him who is him, he is him, our hero medical kit”, the only one in the sky, whether you are a sprain, lack of arms and legs, as long as you have a breath, this medical box can save you In the game, the medical box restores the user’s blood volume to 100% immediately after use. Child, look at you like this whitewashed spit, you know that you don’t believe in the old man, then let the old man talk to you.

In reality, medical kits are more common than games. Compared with medical kits, medical kits are characterized by large volume and large capacity. According to the material, the current medical box can be divided into pp material and aluminum alloy. The pp material medical box has a large capacity and light weight, and can accommodate various types of medicines and is moisture-proof. The aluminum alloy medical box has a heat-dissipating effect and can accommodate various medicines and medical equipment. Because of its heat-dissipating characteristics, metal lock and pp material medical box, it is widely used by hospitals, military and scientific research departments. Bring a cup of steaming cola into the medical kit. When you take it out, it may be iced!

Child, long see. Just 998, take the medical kit home. Reach out? Children, you reach out and mean, you give money! Don’t talk to you when you talk. You look at me quickly, you can’t buy it, and then turn it down. This eyeball is all white.

“Save… save me”, do you mean this? Say it well, remember to pay after you save it, the old man can be poor. Come, the old man will use this medical kit for you, how? Do you feel that the vitality of life is constantly emerging? The old man’s medical kit is like a fake, only you are angry, you are…

Children, why are you mad, how can you become good? The box ? The old man has been selling for many years, but you are my first customer. I have used it for you. Why didn’t you resist it? (Tips: The time of fight in the medical box is longer than other drugs. Please reduce the nonsense time before use and leave more life for the patient.)

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