PUBG Mobile guide The gospel of air-control, the strongest air-dropping routine

In the stimulating battlefield, airdrop is an important game mechanism including the power grid and bombing area. During each time the security zone is refreshed, it will be in the random position of the map (high probability) In the safety zone, you can drop a replenishment box that can be picked up. The supply box contains a number of airdrop-specific weapons, including three-level head and three-level armor. In addition to the “sister control” is not very mainstream, most other guns can It has a large impact on the situation. So when a few airdrops have a “dream-by-dream” argument, but for this “dream” how to chase, many players are actually confused. So today I will give you a detailed account of those things that are being pursued.

Whether to chase the vote External and internal causes.

Let us first talk about external factors, that is, situations that are not under our control. This is mainly Determined by the distance between the airdrop and our enemy distribution, there are several cases:

1. Airdrops are close to X enemies: In this case, we have two styles of play. The first one is a small team order prohibition, giving priority to airdrops, mastering superior terrain, and concentrating fire attacks. If you want to come over and grab the airborne vehicles and enemies, if you cooperate properly, you can have a lot of results, and this is also a routine used by some anchor teams.

2. Airdrop far X enemy less: This airdrop will let the captain weigh it, because such airdrops are competitive pressure Very small, but it will make us lose some gold running opportunities. It is very likely that four people will be directly ambushed and killed by the enemy after they have finished flying back. Sending a wave of express delivery, the safer method is to station 2 people in the same place. Two people went to the airdrop and then came back to join the teammates.

3. Airdrop near X enemy less: this typical The airdrop, which is not used for white, is commonly called “empty cast”, but it still needs to be quickly evacuated after obtaining materials, because it is very likely that other enemies will come directly to grab the airdrop after seeing the signal.

4. Airdrop far X enemy more: this is The worst airdrop, such as the airdrops falling in the resource of a hundred thousand eight thousand miles, eight achievements are not played, it is better to give up directly.

Then we briefly talk about the internal factors. To put it bluntly, when is the airdrop we need, many players are very fascinated by the airdrops, and feel that after getting the AWM, the world is invincible (in fact, many times a shot In fact, the role of airdrops has been greatly overestimated by everyone. Compared with the materials inside, airdrops are more important for strategic significance. So if our equipment is already very good (3 headgear + full rifle +98K), there is no need to rush to vote. If the position of the airdrop is better, you can also make a steady click to make a click. Kill the number.

And the other situation is that we are mostly submachine guns and simple level 1 heads because of wild or other situations, so please don’t let go if there is an airdrop nearby. In this season, the efficiency of the ranking is not necessarily high, and this garbage equipment will definitely not beat others in the later stage (of course, the premise is that the paragraphs must be consistent), it is better to fight with teammates.If you succeed, you will be able to turn the salted fish over. If it fails, it doesn’t matter. The next one is ~.

In addition, if there is no vehicle and you want to take an airdrop, you can choose to lie directly near the airdrop, waiting for the red smoke of the airdrop to disappear in the past, but this will delay a lot of time, the captain will be based on his team. Arrange the tactics in the actual situation, do not blindly slap the air and delay the aircraft.

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