PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] How can the art of combat compare to the aesthetics of alive?

When the plane passed over the city of P, how many good men rushed into the city after scrambling? As the saying goes, he is strong and he is strong, and the breeze is on the hill. I want to be a seven-foot man, but I can’t beat it. How many bitter tears, every route through these famous spots, it is necessary to set off a storm! They went in with good hands and feet, and they got out of the “lack of arms and legs”. A small, shiny pistol, the bullets were returned. This is still good, and those who can’t get out, you can find out what is the legendary square box. Have you ever heard of porridge? The competition in these places can be fierce. Whenever I encounter this situation, I always laugh at them from the sky: I am a king, and I am afraid of guns and medicines? Far away is my destination.

Ah! The vast grassland is green at first glance, but if you don’t give me a car again, I will live on the road.

There are enemies 100 meters ahead, brothers, we are on! At this moment, the soul of the Tucao in my body is always burning, this teammate, I have to talk about you, you are afraid that it is not a brain teasing to think about it? Look at what the enemy at 100 meters looks like. They wore purple gold crowns, body-hanging robes, and animal-faced swallowing heads. They held the square paintings and squatted under the wind. Uh… that’s why, sorry, haha, got the wrong script. The four of them were all non-destructive, wearing a three-level head, wearing a three-level armor, carrying a three-stage bag, holding two AUGs, and a wind-up convertible muscle car. This lineup is so luxurious that it flashes my eyes. Look at you and me, a first-class bag, a stylish little green hat, wearing this hole leaking a level A. You said that we used my small pistol to charge, or use your machete?

The brothers in front, wait for me, run slower, slower, knife! Your knife is gone.

Under my wise command, my teammates and my teammates avoided the fascinating sights of the surging tides and escaped from the fierce four-person group into the finals. Finally, I still have this moment. Since they all yearn for the art of fighting, let them fight hard.

And I don’t know what’s going on in the window, I just want to live. Scribbled, eucalyptus, at that moment, my heart was calm, and as long as no one hit me, I could still squat. I want to be a phantom tank for a lifetime. When the enemy passes a gun and passes in front of me, I don’t dare not breathe. I don’t have any other dare. When the teammate fell to the hillside not far away, but I have absolute confidence in him, I believe he will be able to live! – Give me a quick drive! Climb over and expose me.

The aesthetics of living is almost infinite, and eating chicken is at your fingertips. I have such a bright teammate. When the enemy fired at him, he tried to escape the enemy’s attack with the “wind and roll”, and the dense bullets took me away in the grass. At that moment, I walked peacefully and only hoped that I would not see him in the next game.

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