PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Finding the right ideas and making you a training base

The new map of Sano has been on the line for some time. In this ultra-small new map, there are resource intensities far beyond the two old maps. Twelve large buildings believe that all the friends are going Try to fight it. Some of the small partners may have chosen a place as their own fixed skydiving location, and one of them is definitely the most selected one, which is the training base in the center of the map.

The training base is located in the central area of ​​the entire Sano map. Compared to the two rich resources of Paradise Island Resort and the altar, the location of the training base is definitely the best choice. No matter how remote the route is, you can skydiving to training. Base, so there are also many people who choose the training base as a fixed skydiving point.

The overall layout of the training base may seem to be very messy at first glance. The terrain is very complicated and not suitable for quick search. In fact, this view is wrong. Although the training base looks very messy, in fact you want to dominate the entire training base, you only need to seize the central Y-shaped building.

(Because of the inconvenience of mobile games, the picture of borrowing the end tour here is also the same)

This Y-shaped building is the main building of the entire training base, and is A large two-story building with enough windows around the building. With the height advantage of the second floor, you can completely attack the enemies here. As mentioned at the beginning, you don’t need to care about other buildings around you. You only need to capture this Y-shaped building to occupy the training base.

To capture this Y-shaped building, the first thing you need to do is to jump directly to the platform on the top of the building. If there are not many people on the platform, then quickly shoot the gun and kill the other side, then jump down the second floor. If there are too many people on the platform, don’t hesitate to jump down the second floor to search for the first wave of the roof.

Of course, if you are not lucky, you can’t jump directly to the top of the building. You don’t need to be discouraged. This doesn’t mean you have no chance.

As long as you quickly climb from the obstacles on both sides of the building into the second floor, you also have the opportunity to seize this Y-shaped building. Object.

When the battle at the top of the building is over, basically everyone will jump down the second floor and continue to clean up the building. Enemies that exist. However, due to the complexity of the two-story building structure, there are numerous windows that can move quickly. Therefore, when you are on the second floor, you must be steady and steady. Don’t go too far, and pay attention to the sounds around you. It is a very important step to judge whether someone is by voice.

For those who have not been able to jump to the roof platform, only climb from the window to the second floor, now You will kill the other side of the opportunity to seize the building. You can choose to shrink in the corner or stay in a room, give other players a surprise, or you can go straight to the stairs to guard the enemy from the top of the building, let the other side land into a box.

In short, after the melee and successful capture of the Y-shaped building, you can gradually clean up the surrounding enemies with the height advantage of the building. You can choose to search for a wave of direct evacuation training base to move to the safe area~

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