PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Desert map has a lot of articles, feel a wild and unrestrained me

At first glance, it is monotonous yellow. The vastness of the desert makes every one of us feel tired and seems to never go out. But here is not an ordinary desert. The desert that stimulates the battlefield is full of strong western wilderness. I feel a breath in the city. That is the taste of the legendary Mexican barbecue.

A few days ago, the inspector spent his sleepless nights and read the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign classics. Hard work pays off, according to the records, I went to Mexico alone to find the secret map of the desert map that stimulated the battlefield, and I still found one. . . Ah, it’s a Mexican barbecue, it’s so sweet! I am in a hurry, I will tell you later, let me take a bite, really sweet!

According to the speculation of the inspector, the prototype of the desert map that stimulates the battlefield should be in the Mexican region. The map is dominated by the desert, which constitutes the current social environment. The buildings here have a strong western and northern Mexican style. Mexico’s own geographical location is surrounded by the sea on three sides and the back is close to the United States. Although this location is almost the same as my home surrounded by the sea, it is also good.

What? You said that the evidence is too weak. Of course, these are not the most critical evidence. Now let the inspector come to a four-story reasoning, and there is only one truth. In the desert map, there is a battleground for the military, that is, the “Picardo” in the center of the desert, and this is actually a transliteration of the Spanish Pecado, and the word directly translated means “the sin committed”. Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is known as the “city of sin”. Wow, it sounds like a full of violence. It is terrible, but it seems that you are already thinking about my fears. I am deeply impressed.

The boxing ring that appeared in the city of Picado also coincided with the fact that boxing and gambling culture is very developed in Mexico. Although I am strong, I can’t easily Boxing such a dangerous sport is still handed over to others. If it is accidentally spent on the beautiful makeup of my pig boy, what should be good.

In this wild and unrestrained desert map, I was alone, eating Mexican barbecues and watching the wrestling in the boxing gym. The wild and unrestrained atmosphere infected me. Feeling the passion of sweat, I was so scared that I quickly made up a delicate makeup. If you are not afraid of 10,000, you will be afraid of it. If you encounter an exotic girl who is exotic, I will have a wonderful marriage.

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