PUBG Mobile guide Everyone is LYB, on the tactical changes brought by the player’s mentality change

Most players have been baptized in the first two seasons, both technically and tactically. Under this premise, players’ understanding of this game has not only stayed in “where to jump, where is the card”, more players have been continually groping and have mastered several sets of tactics that can adapt to their own conditions to greatly improve themselves. The rate of eating chicken. So today’s article will tell you about what changes have been made to the player’s understanding of the game, and how we should deal with these changes.

Landing locations are even more unpredictable. In the early versions of the stimulating battlefield, many players liked to jump in material resources that were relatively close to the center of the map, but as time went by and the player’s position increased, everyone gradually It was found that the landing into a box was too hurt for the points, so everyone gradually began to choose to play wild, relying on the ranking of the rankings to securely (thus giving birth to a lot of KD less than 1 ace ), in the late S2, we found that 诶~ this method of balancing is stable, so the choice of playing wild, the result is that some of the more common wild areas today are relatively fierce fighting, I have more than once encountered the exclusive city of P City Y The situation is gone. The way to deal with it is to choose a wilderness zone that is more partial, or to go to the mainstream big point with the teammate’s sword, but it can have a good effect.

The importance of the vehicle has been significantly improved. This article actually benefits from the player’s understanding of the game. Many players have changed from landing to guns and landing to find a car, because the vehicle can make us quickly away from the route. Going to remote areas for safe development, and because of the existence of vehicles, can also safely return to the safe area in the middle and late stages of the game to fight, especially in the early stage of the game, most players will not have too strong firepower, it is difficult We are threatened by driving, with a safety factor MAX. This tactic can be said to be a very mainstream style of play. The only weakness of this game is that you don’t know anything about the situation in the game later in the game. It is easy to be sneaked or stuck, and in the later stage, the player’s general firepower is relatively strong. If you drive forcibly, it is very likely that you will be swept away. The method is also very simple. It is necessary to learn to find the card point, especially the use of information difference to ambush is the king.

The use of throwing objects, when I first came into contact with this game, I was dismissive of the throwing objects until I was beaten by players who used more and more throwing objects to know that the original throwing objects were so powerful. . Regarding the throwing objects, the grenade need not say much, killing people and goods, attacking the building and pulling the village’s weapon ; smoke bombs, the life-saving straw in the adversity, can mainly forcibly transfer when the shrinking circle is extremely unfavorable to themselves; the incendiary bomb, huge The scope of the kill can easily force out the enemies behind the bunker; the bounce bomb is mainly used to launch a raid on the enemy in the final circle and to counterattack when defending the building. So in the current game, after the bunker, the player should keep one more eye. Don’t think that there is no way for the enemy after the bunker. Maybe a few grenades will teach you to be a man, and learning to fight is the king.

Teammates cooperate, in the early days of the game, everyone is full of confidence, think that it is very easy to single out a team of others, never mind how to play with teammates, but as their position gradually matches their skills, we It will be more and more difficult to find 1VN. For example, in the low end field, a master can use a bunker to completely break the whole team one by one. In the high-end game, the enemy will drive quickly to make a point, or pull it immediately. The shooting line attacked us from all sides, which made us often unable to make any effective counterattacks and was killed. So in this version everyone has to learn how to communicate with teammates. After all, this is a teamwork game. When we encounter bottlenecks, don’t forget the existence of teammates.

Finally, in the continuous improvement of players’ understanding of the game, both tactics and technology must learn to keep up with the times, in order to keep themselves in a better position. The state becomes an immortal legend !

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