PUBG Mobile guide Real hard core mode!

Recently, “PUBG Mobile Stimulating Battlefield” has ushered in a major version update, among which the biggest impact on the battle mode and gameplay is the new competitive mode. So what is the difference between the competitive mode and the ordinary entertainment mode and the classic mode? Next, we will explain the new entertainment game mode game in detail for everyone.

[Mode Features]

I believe many players in previous versions Changes can be found, many system settings are more inclined to help novices, in general, is very friendly to the entry player. For example, visual sound marks, custom settings for quick picks, and automatic door opening, and bullets are automatically changed. The new online competition mode is exactly none. In this mode, the bullets in the ground firearms are cancelled, the sound visualization effect is cancelled, the automatic pickup is cancelled, and the automatic door opening is cancelled. It can be said that this mode will become a nightmare for novice players. Obviously this mode is more suitable for advanced players and above.

[Change Analysis]

Cancel automatic picking and opening:

After the change, automatic picking is not only used by novice players, many old players It is also often turned on, and the effect is faster picking speed. And the custom pick-up settings enable automatic picking at this stage to effectively filter useless and redundant items, making picking faster and more accurate. Automatic door opening is more for novice players. In the competitive mode, automatic picking will completely fail, which means that players need to seize the opportunity in the early stage, the accuracy of the drop point and the picking speed will become the key points to win the battle. The effect of automatic door opening is not too great.

Cancel the landing bullets and automatically change the bomb:

In other modes, the player picks up each A gun will have a bullet loaded with a clip by default. For many players who land at the same time, it is often the luck of whoever gets the firearms first can be called the king. The guns picked up in the competitive mode will no longer be loaded with bullets, which require the player to manually load, and each time the bullet is fired, manual loading is required. This is because after the opponent landed at the same time, even if the opponent first picks up the firearm, we will have a certain time to transfer or use the bunker to delay the avoidance of the opponent.

Cancel the sound visualization:

Sound Visualization is a way to simplify the player’s access to information as a mobile game. The purpose is to make the player’s way of acquiring enemy information faster. For example, gunshots, grenades in the game, and the footsteps of nearby enemies can be imaged through the map. In the competitive mode, this setting is removed, so that the way the player gets the enemy information in the game will only be directly available through the field of view and the game sound. The map will no longer show feedback on any sound images. In this way, it’s hard to do it now without wearing headphones.Play a good record.

In general, the competitive mode is more to test the player’s ability to play on the spot, and the battle is the ability to judge the sound, not only need a good response speed, if you want to play a good result, you must wear a pair of stereo headphones. .

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