PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest starting! Domestic precision shooter rifle helps to eat chicken

The new content of “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield” is too much, and many players can’t digest it, so this time we will give you a detailed introduction for each of them. Check out the new QBU Shooter Rifle in the game.

Here we first talk about The prototype of the QBU gun. Yes, in fact, light can be seen from the name! QBU and QBZ in the rainforest map are the same, which are among the best domestic weapons in China. If you want to say it accurately, the prototype of the QBU in the game is China’s 88-type small-caliber sniper rifle. According to the latest news, the 88-type sniper rifle is officially re-classified as a shooter rifle, so the QBU in the game is also directly Entered the rank of precision shooter rifle.

Also talk about how to get the firearm. At this stage, QBU can only be obtained from the rainforest map. The whole map has a probability to be brushed out, and the firearm will directly replace the Mini14 shooter rifle. It will become another exclusive weapon of the rainforest map after QBZ. Look at the composition of the firearms that started in the rainforest.

[Arms Architecture]

The QBU is identical to the Mini14’s configurable accessories. The accessories are available in muzzle, clip and sight.

Muzzle support: rifle / sniper silencer, rifle / sniper flame arrester, rifle / sniper Compensator

Clip support: rifle / sniper fast clip, rifle / sniper expansion clip, Rifle/Sniper Rapid Expansion Folder

Sight Support: Red Dot, Hologram, Double Mirror, Quadruple Mirror, Six Times Mirror, eight-fold mirror

Clip capacity: 10 rounds, expansion 20 rounds

Shooting mode: single shot

[Firearm Characteristics]

Compared with Mini14 There is not much difference between the two in terms of the rate of fire, and as a firearm for long-range shooting, high-speed shooting is generally rarely used in actual combat. More often, it depends on the size of the recoil of the firearm, the speed of the muzzle return, and the movement of the target. The way to keep the shooting rhythm. In addition, in the single bullet damage, the two are also in the right. Below is the highest point of the crosshairs after the two shots.

The characteristics of the Mini14 are well understood by many players, that is, the low back seat and high recovery. The extremely low recoil brings super stability, and the ultra-high speed of the muzzle is correct, making the Mini14 far better than the 7.62 series of shooter rifles in terms of firing frequency and accuracy. So what is the difference between it and QBU?

After the actual measurement, the recoil of the QBU will be slightly smaller than that of the Mini14, and the recovery speed of the rear seat is much lower than that of the Mini14. . Now we are most concerned about the impact of these two different attributes in the end? The following picture shows the number of frames required from the “highest point” to the punctuality.

We know that Mini14 is a small and well-known shooter rifle in the future, and QBU is even better, so in terms of shooting accuracy, QBU is almost an artifact in the rainforest map. However, it should be noted that the QBU’s muzzle return speed is very slow, that is, if you follow the speed of the Mini14, the QBU’s muzzle may still hit the next bullet during the return process. This will reduce the accuracy of high-speed shooting. Therefore, when using the QBU, you need to pay attention to controlling the shooting rhythm of the firearm. Of course, if the player has good gun technology, he will say it. Control the firing rate of the firearm so that it can be shot at the moment the muzzle just returns to ensure the highest shooting accuracy.

Well, the above is the rainforest new guns brought to you in this issue ——QBU Interpretation of all aspects, I hope to help players.

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