PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Real hardcore powder benefits, such a battlefield is exciting!

After the war mode of infinite resurrection of the crazy gun, the entertainment mode has added new members! In the face of a new competitive mode, I believe that the desire of everyone’s fingertips has long been unable to withstand it? If there are still people asking “What is the competitive mode?”, it is too uncomfortable! At first glance you are not a hardcore player.

The so-called competitive mode, as the name suggests, of course, pays attention to the word “competition”. What is competition? Hard core is justice, hard core is competition! In this mode, there is no automatic picking, no footsteps and gunshots, no guns to automatically load! Everything that is designed for mobile phones will disappear in this place… Waiting for you will be the new experience of restoring reality, want to challenge the feeling of nervousness? This is the real “stimulus” battlefield.

If you are a player who lives on the island with a hint on a small map, then you will experience what is helpless, poor and weak. Still thinking about flipping the audience without wearing headphones? Still thinking about determining the enemy’s position in the first place? Young people, it’s time to learn to listen to the voice! Isn’t the so-called art more than pressing? Even if you don’t play the competitive mode, you can use it in the finals.

Do you think this is over? In this hard-core mode, there is no bullet in the case of picking up a gun! Before landing the gun, you should pay attention to whether the bullets are good or not… Hey, and it reminds me of my tragic memories. Don’t mention that I will cry alone.

Not long ago, I thought that in the stimulating battlefield, there was nothing more horrible than the whole footsteps. It wasn’t until after I experienced the competitive mode that I realized that the whole situation was all but the slightest hint, it was truly desperate!

Some people are happy that some people are embarrassed, and while everyone can’t adapt to it, LYB can be said to be happy. Just need to hide in the corner and shoot silently. The opponent is beaten up and down like a donkey. Think about the tragic scene of a small map that was shot before the opponent saw a small map… Keke, a sigh of evil!

If the battlefield of the classic mode is no longer able to make your heart feel awkward, then let’s try the new competitive mode of the ship. That is the feeling of excitement, the long-awaited, bloody The excitement! The feeling that you can only rely on consciousness and experience to get on the battlefield! It seems as if I have returned to the new era, everything is so full of challenges.

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