PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Offense is the best defense! “Just” is the last word

What should I do if I encounter a fierce bullet offensive when I run? In the light of the idea that one thing is not as good as one thing, perhaps many people will choose to “take the best policy.” But, how can I allow others to shoot indiscriminately? Being hit as a target is a very hot thing. If you don’t stop and have a passion for them, how can you afford to eat your own chicken?

The road to eating chicken is rugged, and there is a saying like this: All roads lead to Rome. Whether you choose to live globally or just to the end, you can finally achieve the goal of eating chicken. But the focus is coming! As a qualified stimulating player, if there is no bloody sex, then eating chicken is not boring? Whatever comes to the end is the last word, and the best winner is, and all are left behind! It’s the last word to pick up the muzzle.

“There was a chance to have a passion for guns in front of me. I didn’t cherish it. I waited until I entered the safe area and I was regretted. The most painful thing in the world is this. If God can give me another one.” Once I have a chance, I will choose to pick up my AK and face them: a sweep of madness! Hey… If you have to add a restriction on the choice of firearms, I hope it is AWM.”

It’s not terrible to make a box. The terrible thing is that you can actually make a box into a box that you could have attacked before, but you have chosen to be the best. At this time, I have to say one more thing: You see, those people seem to be a “hey”!

I want to say that everyone here may be a bit misunderstood. The so-called “just gun” means that with a gun, there is no brain to go forward? If you think this is the case, then you can make a mistake. Those who have no brains and hard shackles reopened as early as eight hundred years ago! What we have to do is to have a mutual mind.

What happens when we are found by the opponent and are suppressed by firepower when we are in “tactical transfer”? At this time, if you choose to run each, you can only GG. At this point, we must start our brains and ignite the resentment of the raging! There are bunkers hiding in the neighborhood, hiding me and throwing smoke bombs! What? No smoke? ! Then… I wish you a happy snake skin.

When everyone is ready, we will start to suppress it back! Fright, surprise, horror and horror that have been received before, all turned into combat power! The best way to make your opponents retreat is to greet them with the fiercest “cannon fire”~

There are always some people in the battlefield. After experiencing the initial passion, he meets the opponent and he no longer shoots the gun as before. On the top, no longer looking for people to persuade. After the convergence of the edges and corners, only the precipitation of the years is left… Only when encountering an opponent can you find the feeling of “the year”. When I feel that I have become a “Buddha player”, I don’t know that I have embarked on a new path: Daxie. (Into the charge, the guns, the arrogance, the retreat, the shackles, the movements, the movements.)

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