PUBG Mobile guide interactive action optimization, this is the real perfect restore

Mode games, vehicles, and guns are all available. What’s worth paying attention to in the new version? Of course, there are some details in the game. Let’s talk about this. The details of the partial update brought by the minor version update, let’s take a look!

[Open mirror and probe]

1. As the game time increases, the use of firearms is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the frequency of replacement of multi-mirrors is gradually increasing. And many times, because the battlefield changes too fast, it is easy to delay the fighter by opening the backpack to change the mirror. For example, the backpack blocks the view, or the enemy hides in the shelter. In order to make this process faster, the new version adds the ability to quickly switch sights. At the bottom of the screen map you will see a button similar to the opening mirror. You can switch between the existing shots in your backpack with just one click.

2. Then the probe is optimized. Probe shooting is a skill that players must advance. In many cases, probe shooting is a single setting. Clicking the probe to open the mirror is very difficult for the player to retract after shooting, or it is difficult to press the gun when the probe is opened. This new version adds some different interactions to the probe opening. On the premise that the probe is turned on, a quick click will directly enter the state of the probe opening, and clicking again will cancel the state. If you press and hold, the temporary probe opening state will be entered. When the button is released, will . Of course, this setting can be turned on or off by the player according to his or her favorite choice.

[True Detail Optimization]

About the restoration problem I believe that the players are most concerned about the combat problem in the game.

1. Optimized the pressing of the ground during the running Actions, in previous versions, using the Volt action in this state would reveal an extremely blunt action flow. Now if the player presses the Volt button while in the running state, the character will complete the action of bending and falling, and a set of movements will flow.

2. In addition, the shooting properties have been partially adjusted. The first is to increase the scattering area of ​​the bullet after the depression and the ground. That is to say, when the LYB is yin, the shooting difficulty may increase. The scattering area in the moving state will be expanded again. That is to say, as long as the current version is not in the face state, the gain of the open shot will be significantly higher than the waist shot.

3. In previous versions, players who were throwing weapons Throwing a weapon after being knocked down by an opponentWill not be thrown out. In the current version, if the throwing weapon is in the state of throwing aiming , it will be knocked down by the opponent, and the throwing weapon will also fall in place, and the effect will be triggered normally. How about, if you come to the road, you can choose to break with your opponent’s fish. ?

4. Last but not least, it is a new custom panel. Cloud storage capabilities. This feature allows players to upload and download custom panel data stored in the cloud between different devices. So in the future, if you update the game or change the phone, you can’t find the previous familiar settings, and so on. It is not afraid to change the mobile phone. Download the game and log in to the account. It is still a familiar operation key.

This new version updates more overall optimization details, except for the new mode And firearms, I believe these details can be optimized to allow players to experience a more realistic “stimulus battlefield”!

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