PUBG Mobile guide Lying chicken cheats: playing games also requires brains, group command mode to understand

There are three ways to play in PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield: single row, double row and four rows. The single row and the double row are relatively simple, and the player only needs a little bit of cooperation, from the beginning to the end or just in the end. However, the four rows are completely different. Unless you are a complete savage team, if you are in a row with your friends, you must have the cooperation and tactics to make you eat chicken well, otherwise you can only collectively Send a courier.

Although “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” is a mobile game, it is completely re-enacting the content of the game. Therefore, when the team is in the fourth row, it is the same as the end-game. It also requires tactical cooperation.

Four people can be divided into different duties according to the weapons and fighting styles they are good at. Someone is responsible for the assault and some are responsible. The sniper, the most important of which is responsible for the command, this person needs to start from the beginning of the landing, to the search route, the transfer route, until the final battle of the final rhythm needs to be prepared and directed, lead everyone to eat Chicken, so doing a good command is crucial.

First of all, as a command, it is very important to get the information of the entire battlefield. The commander can assign one of the most comprehensive teammates in his team, as a free man walking in front of the team to observe the situation on the way forward, such as where there are people, where is the battle . As a commander, it is necessary to make judgments based on the overall strength of the team and the wealth of the materials. It is far from the war zone, or to take advantage of the fishermen.

The selection of points is also an important duty of the command, whether it is the beginning of the skydiving election or the selection of the late transfer of the bunker.

In the early stage, the commander can select the appropriate skydiving location according to the direction and position of the route. The selection of the late bunker, the anti-slope is a very good choice, compared to the building, a good anti-slope can give the team a greater advantage. The anti-slope has the concealment of not losing to the building, and at the same time has a better view, which makes it easier for you to get the battlefield situation and facilitate the next transfer.

There is another point to be mentioned here. As a conductor, you must be forward-looking. The position of the lap is summed up by a simple rule to prejudge the next lap position. When choosing a shelter location, you must also take into account the transfer route that may be used in the next lap. You can’t just take a step at a time, just look at the problem at hand, causing the selection to fail and let your squad card be transferred next time. On the route.

Finally, let’s talk about a few common command tactics and the timing of tactics.

Four people hold a group and cover each other –

This is actually not a tactic. Basically, most teams are playing this kind of game. This kind of play can provide cover for their teammates in the fastest time. It is also impossible to communicate and lose the battlefield intelligence because the distance is too far. When the enemy is discovered, the firepower of the four people can also pour in the first time to cause tons of damage.

Two-two-match, cover forward –

This tactic is suitable for a certain strength, when the lap is transferred or the room is pushed forward, this is a very good tactic. The two can provide cover and support to each other. The four are divided into two groups. In addition to avoiding the four being destroyed, the other team can be quickly transferred after the exposure and suppression. The gun line can be opened to provide support.

Trinity Team, Freedom to Explore –

When there are enemies behind you or when the terrain in front is complicated and there may be hidden enemies, send free agents of your own team, staying behind or breaking forward or detecting It is very important to avoid a team of four people being completely destroyed.

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