PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Stimulate the battlefield version I am not a drug god, nothing is a drug

The recent movie “I am not a drug god” has broken the box office, which makes me blame the unfairness of the sky. It is not that the drug-selling box office is so high. Then, if I am stimulating the drug god, will it be in the box office? You guessed it right, in the stimulating battlefield, I am a god of medicine!

It is illegal for the protagonist of the film to save his father from smuggling drugs. But in the stimulating battlefield, with my handsome and powerful face, medicines are always coming, do you not believe? I will tell you about what is the daily routine of my stimulating battlefield drug god.

Today, I am already a drug god who is stimulating a battlefield with countless drugs. People send the nickname “humanoid self-propelled medicine box.” Every morning I wake up from a private jet. Although it is sleepy, it doesn’t matter. Drinking an energy drink to refresh my mind is a kind of cool feeling, cool! Next is the daily skydiving time that I can enjoy with this arrogant drug god. Skydiving always has such a trace of danger, but it doesn’t matter if I have nothing to lose. Run tired of drinking energy drinks, hurting to eat some painkillers, if you break, give yourself a bandage. Uh… If this is stupid, where is the first aid kit and the medical kit? Come up with this medicine god! Can be used hard, I am completely unruly – there is no way to be a generation of medicine, the medicine has flowed out.

When I think of youth, that history is really sad. That year, I was so young and handsome that I was excited to fight on the battlefield. I was very strong with my teammates who were strong but not handsome. We are coming in the rain, climbing the mountains and the grass. In the bombing area, we hold hands and shouted loudly to the sky. “The explosive whirlwind spurs the squad to come here.” At that time, we were so energetic, right. The future is full of yearnings.

I never thought that a shell had blown up my teammates. We didn’t have medicines. In the process of moving to the safe area, the life of my teammates continued to flow, and finally I only survived the explosion. From that moment on, I swear: I must have tons of medicines in the future!

Nowadays, every corner of the battlefield is rumored to be the legend of the brother. When the brothers and sisters of the north and south of the river are injured and lack medicine, there is always a great figure. Sending warmth and giving love, this medicine is indispensable.

Brother, brother, all my medicine is for you, the gun is also for you, I will perform talents~ Heroes are forgiving, let the younger brother live a life!

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