PUBG Mobile guide is really hidden, come here!

Stimulate the battlefield into the S3 season, the players’ skills have also improved a lot, many players with lower ranks are also proficient hit wild How to play. So many times The rhythm of the game has changed from the original big gun to the wild area, and the various ways to find the car are endless. In this environment, new players think again. It’s almost impossible to play wild, so How do you play wild players?

At the beginning of the S3 season, of the island map will be on the map. Above Random brush Out An amusement park, is our birth point, There is a Ferris wheel inside. Balloons, and swimming pools, but Most players don’t care about this birth point, In fact This point is at the beginning of the game. It will still exist later, because this is the birth point, and will be marked on map, so in After the game starts, this point is invisible on the map! And the point marked on the map before the game starts, will be cleared after the game starts, unless it is a player who wants to jump here, it is difficult for the average person. Found here.

At the beginning, we first remember this point Location, the best way is to enlarge the map, directly remember the location here, because although the point can be erased by the system, but the zoom does not, so we only need to enlarge the map, then we will be where we are The map center is fine. After you get on the plane, you only need to make up the point right away.

Because we have a goal, we don’t have to choose too A reliable resource point, you only need to find the nearest vehicle and quickly attack the birth point.

After arriving at the place of birth, we will find out that It shouldn’t be in the game but it’s in front of us, but be sure to note that although there aren’t many players here, there are still potential dangers, and there are fewer bunkers at birth, if not good. The firearms, do not know the number of enemies, do not rush into.

We can clearly find the materials here. Still very good, there are two

8x mirrors and a third-level package, as well as a number of AK, SKS, magazines and other resources, this point is really nothing compared to some fertile resource points. However, the collection efficiency is very high, and it can be transferred immediately after the search, and although there are not many advanced resources, it can easily meet the requirements of three people fully armed.

After the rapid equipment collection, we can Quickly moved into the safe area, because most of the players at this time also fight in the resource points, and the wild players are not eager to enter the safe area because of insufficient equipment, and even the extreme team will be anti-drug. Collecting materials, there is no need to worry too much about colliding with the team that fights the wild. Even if it hits, the equipment we collect at the birth point will definitely be better than the equipment from the wild area. It is not difficult to win.


“secret" point must have been known to many players, but it has never been officially As mentioned in the article, I hope to help those players who don’t know this point.

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