PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Island maps are shared in the wild, allowing you to easily get M24

After updating the new map of Sano, I believe that most of the small partners are working day and night on the map of Sano, but after playing the new map for so many days, is there a little aesthetic fatigue? ? Have you ever thought about re-playing the old map and changing the taste?

I don’t know if you have this feeling. I am more or less tired. So I will return to the big map and feel the slow-paced game. As everyone knows, I am a wild player, so finding a suitable wild spot has always been my compulsory course. I have paid a lot of attention. After a few games, I found a new wilderness spot on the island map. .

This location is located in the ruin factory building at the bottom left of the nuclear power plant. Although this place does not seem to be eye-catching, the materials here are really Rich, if your luck is a little better, the M24 is also very easy to get. As for how suitable it is to play wild, I will take you to see you personally.

There are still many routes that can jump directly to this location. So, you don’t need to worry about the difficulty of jumping over here. In addition to a few very remote routes, most routes can be reached in one step and arrive smoothly.

Just landing, coming in is A SCAR-L also has an eight-fold mirror, which feels a bit beautiful! Also picked up a UMP9, can be said to be the hot weapon under the current version, not bad.

Just picked up SCAR- L is still not happy, turned around and found a M416 lying on the ground. Ugh! It’s hard to decide whether to choose SCAR-L or M416? After passing the decision, I threw the UMP9 and I brought both rifles.

After the first layer is searched, there are already 2 first-aid kits with 1 bottle of drink, and the weapon bullets are quite sufficient. It’s all gone, it’s very good. By the way, there is a computer coming over to send me a courier, not bad.

Just climbed the second floor A shiny and bright thing on the ground caught my eye, a three-level head. Hahaha, it’s so beautiful, this game doesn’t have to be afraid of being headshot by others.

After searching through the second floor, There are more and more accessories for weapons, and the number of medicine bags is increasing. The whole person is getting fatter. Don’t worry, we still have no search on the third floor.

The third layer also has Surprise waiting for me, a Mini14 quietly waiting for my pickup, SCAR-L thrown away and replaced with Mini14.

This is the sister this time The search results, how is it still very good.The two guns are basically full, and the quantity of medicines is very sufficient. Basically, there are no other players who will come here. There are only some computers to send me express delivery. It is simply beautiful, and the third level is 捡. A few, but unfortunately can only bring one, can not take more than a few spare.

This is sister second The results of the game of the game, although there is no third-level head, but this time I have three-level A and M24, I feel the same is very rich!

This location is very good, don’t you come and try it?

Oh, yes, On the outskirts of the house, there will be a blue vending machine that can be used to complete the challenge task. It is very good at all.

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