PUBG Mobile guide double-row small routine, specializes in the side of the card

In the exciting battlefield, most players like to play 4 rows mode, because their own enemies will be reduced by 3, and the pace of the battle will be significantly more intense, especially in When the tactics are reasonable, the four players will have a great advantage in the finals. If they find that there is only one enemy left, they can release a teammate as a bait, seduce the enemy and shoot it and then annihilate it. However, as the player’s tactics get deeper and deeper, many players who are good at shooting but are tactical are always beaten in the game. The reason is that their understanding of tactics has been delayed, so how to strengthen their tactics. Thinking about it? Let your friends come to a double position!

Doubles Compared with the four rows, the intensity of the battle is much less. Because of this, the players will be more tactical. Compared with the single row, the double row can also provide us with a fault-tolerant opportunity for the fallen.

At the same time, because of the limited number of enemies, the two-person battle can not form an effective set fire. Let us increase the safety factor when driving a vehicle. Even if it is a gun, the probability of surviving will be a big lap. To facilitate everyone’s understanding, here we simply explain a game.

First of all, we landed at the sea-view room of G Port. It should be a very fat place in G Port. After the simple collection, we cleared the enemies around us. At this time, we have to make the next one. The destination is gone.

By observing the map, we speculate that the final finals should be near the military base, and because the route is in the Y City→G port line, the players will move down a lot, if they can seize the military as soon as possible. The bridges at the base can accumulate great advantages for us. After determining the action plan, we immediately proceeded to the bridge at full speed.

After arriving at the destination, don’t get off the bus immediately, but watch some common points (such as the bridge building, the bridge behind the slope) whether there are enemies already guarding, after determining the safety, we will You can start to stick to it.

There are two points to note here, the first is where we hide, try to Don’t lie inside, because the enemy outside can only hit our head, it is easy to be accidentally knocked down by the enemy. The second is to hide your own vehicle behind the crouching point. If the enemy sees that there is a vehicle parked on the bridge deck, it will be suspicious. This is not conducive to our observance.

Sure enough, in our judgment, there are a large number of enemies trying to make a punch, but none of them escaped our clutches. Thanks to the 2 times expansion of UMP9, good stability makes us sweep the car. It is very easy, especially when the enemy rushes directly toward us, it is very easy to hit. After killing many enemies, in addition to quickly cleaning the battlefield, we must quickly hide the enemy vehicles in order to continue the “fishing law enforcement.”

After confirming the position of the last lap, we quickly launched an impact on the finals because the terrain of the military base was relatively empty and could be concealed. There are fewer places, so it is especially important to grab the dominant terrain, but unfortunately, because of the delay in the bridge, we have not captured the terrain with special advantages.

However, when there was only one enemy left in the end, because our position is not very good, then we used the trick of breaking the boat, let me alone to attract the enemy’s firepower, even if it is not attracted, I can be safe. Entering the bunker, but the enemy did not seem to resist the temptation, directly exposed his position, this time my teammates easily fixed the target from the enemy’s blind spot took the team to successfully eat chicken.

It can be seen that in the two-person mode, because the teammates are relatively few, the differences are small, but the cooperation is more tacit than the 4 people, and the tactical thinking is more clear, and can learn more things. .

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