PUBG Mobile guide Learn these, you can also play information warfare

In the stimulating battlefield, due to the rich and varied gameplay, the days of the traditional one-shot steel guns are gone, especially in the game just after the game. Now it has become a way for everyone to relax and enjoy. More players are looking for a stable play. I believe players will not be unfamiliar with the theorem that “the higher the position is, the more he will be”. This is the case.

Speaking of this, there are many players who are not convinced, why do I have one? The talent of KD5 to 6 is just the crown. As a result, a guy with KD1 to 2 is actually a trump card, and it is very likely that the ace of this ace has no such high crown. As a player who wins by shooting, there is indeed a The reason is to despise the players who rely on the live to score, but unfortunately this game is not just watching the shooting.

There are two more words here, and many players don’t seem to understand the tricks and tactics. The difference, because the two play methods seem to be almost the same: choose a place where no one is jumping, then touch the equipment, extreme anti-virus search equipment, and then play some small-scale encounters, then find a place Minutes and so on, then run to the next place for a few laps, then the final ring of the prostate moves, specifically to make up the knife, and eat chicken.

Actually, the tactics are completely different from the tactics. Today I will pass a An example to analyze.

After the landing and the two enemies are intrigued, according to the convention, our teammates all landed in a box. At this time as a lone wolf, we need to know one thing. The blind peekaboo will face very big troubles when turning to the point. The only way out is to kill the enemies around the order as much as possible. Create a relatively safe transfer environment yourself.

Don’t rush to leave after completing the killing in the housing area. Be sure to check all the windows in the field of view (I don’t see it, there is no way to explain that others are hiding, we are alone after all Wolf, limited view)

At this time, we found that our location is not bad. At this time, don’t take risks. Because our location is good, there are likely to be many enemies turning to us. May be attacked by the group.

Analysis: Here is the difference between 苟 and tactics, information warfare The law is to constantly develop tactics according to the battlefield situation, but the live player must be looking for a small black house to see OK.

Sure enough, some players directly use the vehicle to rush to our point. Not to mention, the enemy of this floating single is our main target, and the blast is taken away.

Use the enemy to send our vehicle for transfer. Here we can find that a large part of the safe area is in the river, although The shrinking circle is relatively random, but overall, the chance of shrinking into the water for a decisive battle is relatively small (not without, but you can gamble), here we transfer directly to G town, but the road must be added Be careful.

After discovering the enemy, I tentatively attacked it here and found that this is a team, but the enemy did not find me in the first time (or no good shooting angle), and turned to another Running in one direction, because there was a fierce exchange of fire in this direction, compared to the right side, it was much safer.

Sure enough, the enemies on the right are really few. We also used the terrain to hold an enemy. At this stage, everyone is using vehicles to test each other. The enemies trying to communicate with me quickly exposed themselves and were encircled by the enemy. dead.

At the same time, we continue to linger on the sidelines. The advantage of this is that it is easy to remove the obstacles around us and make it safe to be in the finals.

If you can master the game of this analysis, I believe The top score is really not a problem. The biggest difference between this gameplay and LYB is that we are constantly analyzing the enemy’s distribution in the battlefield based on the direction of the fire, the death situation, and our own vision. Results.

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