PUBG Mobile guide First person or third person? There is always one for you.

In the exciting battlefield, although the current mainstream game mode is the third person, but the official is very intimate to join the first person mode, but many players feel that the game is more used when using the third person Refreshing, after all, in the third person, our perspective is the “ Giants behind the characters, which allows us to gain a larger and broader perspective, which is more advantageous in discovering enemies.

But if we have some games about the end-games, we will know that in today’s end-games, the first person is used. The perspective has become mainstream, but the third person is not to be seen. The stimulating battlefield as a mobile game version obviously does not follow the footsteps of the endgame. As far as I know, the friends around me still love the third person.

Why is the first person and third person word of mouth so polarized ? Let us analyze it little by little Look.

1. Fashion effect

To know when we are in the third person The perspective is provided by “ Giants behind us, so we can clearly see our own characters, and in this game there is a good fashion system, and according to the male players are keen “The daughters & rdquo; effect, most players use female characters, third-person perspective can help themselves to watch their role in 360 degrees without a dead end, to achieve a special sense of accomplishment and satisfaction (although in the game buckle Hats and body armor are the same, but there are still people who are willing to dress up their roles.

2. Defensive/offensive advantage from perspective

I I believe that almost all players have experience of being killed by Voldemort. It is impossible to see that the characters are actually impossible to see nearby when they are buried in the grass. However, due to the convenience of the third person, the Voldemort in the grass can It’s easy to know what’s going on outside. At this time, if we use the right weapon to shoot at a close-up enemy, we can basically sneak attack. If the enemy doesn’t find you in the first time, there is no suitable bunker. The team is not a problem. This is the offensive advantage of the perspective ;

In addition, the defensive advantage brought by the third person is also very obvious. When we stand behind the window, it is theoretically impossible to see the situation on both sides of the window at the same time. However, the third person can do it, we can even easily observe everything on the battlefield after hiding in the bunker.

Because of this advantage, the tactical articles on the Internet will generally tell you, “ When confronting the enemy, don’t rush to leave the bunker to launch an attack, because the enemy can clearly see what you are doing. In the current popular words, in fact, the third person mode does not play very hard & ldquo; hard core & rdquo;. There is no real simulation of the battlefield.

Finally, let’s talk about the first person, players with higher segmentation believe that there is such an experience, In the game, the winners and losers of the guns are largely winners who win first, but because of the visual advantage brought by the third person, many times will appear “ The enemy can see you, but you can’t see the enemy’s strange experience, and you are all dying.

And the first person is more tactical, because in this mode “ you see me, I can see you. If you can’t do it, the enemy’s tactics are better, or the technology is better, not the so-called visual advantage.

The professional team has already set an example. If you encounter a bottleneck, you can try this first person mode. Let us have the effect of opening the door to the new world.

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