PUBG Mobile guide Centered on the rainforest, the South Point, novice interpretation

Although the rainforest map is small, the running circle is convenient, but the safety zone shrinks faster. Therefore, choosing a better landing position will make it easier for us to run the circle. Below we have to say that a point is closer to the center of the rainforest map, send South. Let’s take a look at it together !

[Regional Interpretation]

The south of the rainforest map is in the southwest direction and is larger than the other Part of the point is different, this is a resource point across the river. In other words, if you want to completely search the entire area, you need to cross the river, which is relatively difficult, especially if there are enemies in the area.

The buildings in Pynam are also standard wooden buildings in the rainforest. Mainly, the houses on both sides of the river are composed of small bungalows, while the buildings far from the river are mostly double-storey buildings.

[playing interpretation]

For the convenience of interpretation, we divided the south into four areas, as shown below.

Let me talk about the play and difficulty of the area.

In general, we need to clean the side of the foot and then turn to the other side of the river to search. Relatively speaking, the materials in the four regions are basically the same, so the player can choose according to their own preferences and the situation at the time.

Regardless of which area you are in, you need to be aware that if there are other players around you landing at the same time, you need to pay attention to the foot. The choice of architecture. As mentioned above, the buildings near the river are generally bungalows. The materials are relatively inferior and the field of vision is not very good. Therefore, in the case of enemies, it is preferred to enter the double-storey building for search. Once the building is big enough, the materials are enough. Secondly, the second floor has a good view. The high-rise window can effectively and safely observe the surrounding enemies.

[Key Details]

After cleaning up the area on one side of the foot, it turned to clean the enemy on the other side of the river. This is also the difficulty of sending South. As we all know, from the side of the river bank to the other side, in addition to taking one of the bridges, another way is to take the water. This bridge not only has no bunker, but the bridge is still narrow, not to avoid the enemy shooting, even the position is almost difficult to complete, so rushing across the river will undoubtedly become the enemy’s live target. The waterway is also shallow because of the shallow river, unable to swim and dive. In the water, it can only cross the river in a very slow posture. If there is an enemy notice, it is even easier to attack than the bridge. What should I do at this time? ?

It is important to note that if you confirm someone on the other side, you will need teammates. Cooperate between. First determine the location of the enemy, arrange one or two teammates to cover the shooting, or attract the attention of the opponent. For example, from time to time to reveal the position, or pretend to shoot, etc., in any way, the firepower of the enemy on the other side is attracted to one side, and then two teammates are separated from the other side to walk the waterway or the bridge body. The key point is that teammates who are responsible for attracting the attention of their opponents must pay attention to their own & ldquo; acting skills. In short, let the movements be as large as possible, so that the opponent’s attention can be concentrated in its own position.

The above is the detailed explanation of the rain forest map sent to you in this issue, I hope to help players.

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