PUBG Mobile guide shows a world of high-level players

The friends who often watch the live broadcast know that there are many very powerful anchors, and their technology is even comparable to professional players. In order to pursue the effect of the program, some anchors will choose not to match their teammates. Single row and four rows, which can not only highlight its personal skills, but also have a good program effect. Seeing the anchor playing such a “show”, I also want to try it out, so how can I kill a person like a anchor?

In fact, there are many chickens for single people. The gameplay, the following gameplay is just for the sake of jade, if there are any more powerful routines, you can talk freely in the comment area. Enter the topic below.

1. Select the appropriate landing point. This is a bit old-fashioned, because no matter who is in the land, you should consider the placement, but the lone wolf is essentially different from other teams in the choice of the placement, because the lone wolf is no matter how strong the technology is. There will also be a huge shortcoming, that is, the efficiency of collecting materials is too low.

Because of this shortcoming, the solitary wolf’s pure wilderness route is actually very Cost-effective, especially the kind of gameplay that drives away from the route is even more unsuitable. It is very likely that it will be blocked by the enemy when entering the circle, and it is regrettable to go out. The reason is that without the support of teammates. We have no way to gain any confidence in the circle. It is very likely that when we enter the circle, we will directly rush into the heap and be killed.

The correct way to play is to choose the edge of the hot spot. Go, and you can clearly analyze the battlefield situation and develop a route.

2. Do not rush to fill the knife. Because we only have one person, and in the four-person mode, most of the enemies will act in groups. It is very likely that in the process of making up our knives, their teammates will take the horse and take us directly. At the same time, Enemies who have fallen to the ground can complete a good fishing mission in a fierce battle. For example, if you kill an enemy in a house, then you will find an enemy running in the direction of the teammate being knocked down. This can be decisive. Pinch a burst of explosives and bring them directly to the team.

3. Learn to fight back when you are being chased. In the multiplayer mode, once we are beaten, we must first look for a bunker, and other hidden teammates should immediately suppress the enemy. In the solitary wolf game, if we are surrounded by many people, then To use the bunker for counterattack immediately, don’t run away blindly, because no one helps us clean up the mess.

For example, here we are hit after knocking down the enemy and immediately transfer to the house. The enemy knows that we are in the house, and we have not rushed to follow up, but we have already positioned their position, so we directly use the advance to destroy the enemy.

4. Refused to entangle and go forward. In multiplayer mode, if I am trapped by the enemy, I can expect my teammates to pick me up or to attack the enemy. In the solo wolf game, the stalemate with the enemy will be very uncomfortable, because the lone wolf often needs low-key behavior. Compared with the perfect team, the chances of driving will be less. Once the enemy is bent on fighting against you, we will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, when you carry out some card tactics alone, you must pay attention to your own way. Whether it is a vehicle or a smoke bomb. In short, be prepared.

Of course, the lone wolf gameplay is only for those who like to experience in the game. Killing the enemy’s thrilling players, and in a very high position, the experience of the lone wolf is not so good, because everyone is not very good, it will be difficult to miss, but players who want to honed their skills can also Try it out. If you can eat chicken, you will have a very happy sense of accomplishment waiting for you !

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