PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Check out those items that look good and rare but are not recommended

There are a large number of props in the stimulating battlefield. According to the different attributes and functions of the items, these items can also be classified into medical, weapon accessories, weapons and ammunition, and so on. Most items have their own unique attributes to add BUFF to the player, but there are also some items that look great and good to use. In fact, they are just invisible embroidered pillows. Today we will take stock of these games. People helpless props.


Adrenaline can only be used in ancient versions Refreshing in the airdrop box and refreshing the chance is very low, so the impression that the adrenaline leaves to the player has always been a rare prop. As a medical kit, you can return the full energy bar in one go. The adrenaline is indeed a very good one. Restore the props.

With the version update, adrenaline has been modified to be a generic drug that can be refreshed on a large map, but many players still stay because of the previous The impression of the next subconsciously picks up the adrenaline. In fact, the current adrenaline is not a props worthy of picking up, because the adrenaline can do, two bottles of energy can be done, but the adrenaline volume is as high as 20, enough to put down four bottles of energy drinks.

Geely Service

In the early versions, Geely was definitely a weapon, and it was well received by the majority. Players are especially loved by Voldemort players. However, with the update of the game map, this early artifact has gradually lost its position. In addition to the map update makes Geely clothes no longer suitable, but also because the players are not the original rookie, now players can easily find players wearing Geely. So Geely has few people to pick up and wear now.


The silence of the silencer in the game is not very high High, can be regarded as a very rare prop. In the past, many players were happy for a while, but in the current version, I am afraid that few people will be happy.

After the baptism of multiple game versions, the current player has already exercised to be able to distinguish the silencer. The source of the gunshots, not to mention the small map on the mobile terminal itself will also show the direction of the gunshot source. So in the game the silencer can play a very small role, most players will still choose the compensator to use.

Cool Fashion

A variety of cool fashions in the game are definitely for many players. Favorite, but in fact, except for a very small number of players, I am afraid that most players will change their gorgeous colors after entering the game, because those colors are too easy.Exposing your position, only those dark fashions will allow you to wear from the beginning to the end.

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