PUBG Mobile guide Sniper Advanced Tactical Guide

In the previous article, we explained the team free man, the commander, and some of the abilities and basic styles that the assault should have. Today we will talk about another important position in the team. 123> ——Sniper, we have talked about this position once, but as the version and player level improve, we have some summary of the existing sniper ability, and I will introduce it to you here.

But before I started, I still have to say that an important premise about playing a good sniper is to open the mirror and aim at killing. This ability is a long-term training, and there is no shortcut. I can continue to temper through actual combat and training. Even if I write 10,000 words here today to teach everyone how to press a gun, there is no way to improve the player’s hit rate. The only thing that can help us is to find a correct tutorial for training, because there are many related articles on the Internet, so I won’t go into details here.

As a sniper, in addition to a precise open shot killing ability, you also need Have a good patience and ability to analyze the shape of the battlefield.

If the commander decides the team’s strategy and the assaulter is responsible for solving the enemy, then the sniper has to do the tactics, although a good commander may take the sniper point into consideration when transferring the punctuation, which of course Very good, but not everyone is a professional command. There are a lot of information to be considered in the actual battle. As a sniper, you must learn to analyze the shape of the battlefield and then select points.

Here is an example when our team is moving in a hoop When I found out that an enemy was standing in the building and aiming at it, as a sniper, what should we do ? Or, what should we consider?

1. If you don’t play, will the enemy find us?

2. If you can, can you ensure that the enemy is down?

3. If the exposure reveals his position, then in the next lap, will the enemy stand us? Destroy your own rhythm?

4. If there is confrontation, will there be any enemies to persuade? Do we have enough safe bunkers to ensure our safety?

For another example, if we find that an enemy is observing the surroundings and is cautious, the enemy has been irregular. Small range of movement, this time we should wait for him to stop to kill or as close as possible to him to launch a strong attack ?

As a good sniper, you must be able to quickly answer the above questions and pay for action in a very short period of time by analyzing the situation on the battlefield.

In the high-end battle, judge a sniper’s good or bad, the shooting method has been ranked The second place, and the first place is the control and understanding of the terrain, often occupying an advantageous terrain, sometimes means the first hand, and in the shooting game, the master has a trick, the first hand wins.

In the actual battle, many times we will encounter “Destiny Circle” in the third wave or the fourth wave circle. Many friends will be happy when they see the fate of the circle, so they will continue. In one place, it doesn’t move, and the next wave is directly GG. The reason why the so-called “Heavenly Life Circle” is called by the players is because, in the absence of running pressure, we can quickly move to some of the advantageous terrains in the circle (good view, shelter, hidden) and quickly establish Targeting the position and gaining a huge advantage in the next game.

Finally add a few small tips:

1. Even if you use a shooter rifle, after a few shots, turn off the mirror and see if there are any enemies moving around. Many times we are not killed by the gun, but by the cold gun.

2. No need to use eight-fold mirror for newbies, it is very simple After a while, it will be counted down~ A gun will be smashed. If you have been able to use a 4x mirror to kill an enemy about 200 meters, you can slowly try to use 8 times to kill. (Of course, the 8x mirror can be adjusted to a 4x mirror~)

3. Even if the sniper is skilled to master the 4 times pressure gun, a good sniper does not mean that he will not make mistakes. Sometimes when a shot is not killed, he immediately switches the rifle to fill the enemy with a gun. There is also a good way to play.

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