PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] A few of the skills of the old players, have you shot?

Have you ever had such an experience? Every time at a critical moment, the phone is always prone to various “unexpected situations”, so you can’t catch it. The most typical example of this is undoubtedly a system prompt, someone called. In order to cope with such situations that interfere with their own gaming experience, players have developed a strong ability to kill them in the cradle before the “crisis comes.”

When you open the game as usual and call the base friend to open the double-row tour, suddenly feel the screen card! A bad premonition shrouded my heart. Sure enough, things are not so simple, with the shaking of the phone – the system pop-up window is displayed at the crucial moment of the game…

However, you have already experienced a lot of battles. In the face of this situation, you have already practiced a body that is not shocked. When the system pop-up window has not been pulled down, the screen speed is quickly swept by the speed of a single person for ten years, and an instant achievement of the troubles of the pop-up window is achieved.

It is not enough to respond to the system pop-up window. After all, the real “killer” comes from someone else’s call. When you are nervously confronting your opponent, how long is it that a phone call suddenly strikes is deadly? That is simply the rhythm of the death on the spot. The stimuli of the battlefield players who have experienced many hardships have an extremely keen sense of the phone call. As long as the picture suddenly freezes, it can be distinguished from the system pop-up window in an instant, and hangs up at the first time.

We do not respect the practice of directly hanging the telephone. After all, if a female ticket calls, it will be hanged, but it will kill people! So with a very fast mouth rate, simply and clearly ending the conversation, it is the best way to start the game right away. Wait, how can you have a girlfriend… This skill doesn’t matter.

In addition to the problems that will arise with mobile phones, we are also very skilled at some “force majeure” disposal measures. For example, the parents’ jealousy, the younger brother’s interference, the pet’s sudden attack, and so on. In the face of these situations, as a qualified player, we have already had a complete set of countermeasures without a teacher, and can easily and easily cope with all kinds of sudden “surprise”.

You may not have discovered that your mind will become extremely calm and sober when fighting in the battlefield. As if time has become slow, no matter what happens, it can be dealt with quickly. Perhaps this is the legendary racial talent.

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