PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Always being sneaked away by the enemy? Master these skills to make you a survivor

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield”, because players randomly choose parachute positions near the route, each player may be attacked from any direction after the game starts, not to mention Say there are some players who like to do LYB Voldemort, and will attack you from unexpected places.

When we eat chicken, we are often ambushed by these sneak attacks that don’t know where to come from. In the face of these ubiquitous sneak attacks, although we can’t completely avoid them, However, it is possible to improve the survival rate after we are ambushed by our own correct operation.

In the game I believe that many players have experienced ambushes around the vehicle. In this case, many players make choices to either kneel down or move around the vehicle to find the enemy who is attacking themselves to prepare for a counterattack. In fact, although this practice is not wrong, it is not the best.

When you are attacked near the vehicle, the best thing to do is to quickly press the driver or take the button. You will suddenly disappear into the enemy’s crosshairs because you have teleported into the car. Take advantage of this gap and you can choose to drive or run to counterattack.

except in the vicinity of the vehicle In addition to being ambushed, it is also common to be targeted by distant or high-level enemies during the running. Most players choose to stay in place and want to use the vegetation on the ground to provide cover for themselves and ensure their safety. In fact, this approach is completely wrong, although you feel yourself on the ground and feel that the surrounding vegetation is very lush to cover your body shape, in fact, this is just self-deception, you are still very conspicuous in the distance or high enemy.

In the face of this sneak attack, the place is the worst choice, you should do it quickly Change your direction of movement and speed of movement, which is often referred to as the snake skin, and you can ensure your safety by running irregularly behind the bunker.

Many players like to climb Go to the heights of the roof or the tower to observe the surrounding environment or slam the enemy. Although it is cool, it is dangerous. It is very easy to expose your own figure in these places and encounter sneak attacks by surrounding enemies.

The first thing you have to do after being attacked is not to find the opponent to counterattack, but to quickly kneel down and use the roof. The surrounding eaves act as shelters or take advantage of the height to reduce the area of ​​the body that is exposed to each other’s vision. When you kneel down, you can move to other locations and look for sneak attacks on your enemies through the convenience of a third-person perspective.

However, it is recommended that you do not continue to counterattack on the roof after discovering the enemy. After all, you will get up again and shoot. The best way to lose your first hand is to continue to move forward, climb from the top of the building downstairs, and fight back in the building.

Being attacked is definitely the most common occurrence in the game, but it doesn’t need to be too scared. Just follow the above and do a good job on the spot, you can survive from the sneak attack and counterattack.

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