PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] The necessary tips for the guns are here, no need to envy the big!

In the eyes of Meng Xin, Daxie is almost omnipotent. Especially in the case of a gun, the magical shooting method has already entered the territory, and every time the muzzle is raised, one person will hate to collect the ticket. Daxie certainly relies on a lot of practice to have this kind of superb feeling, but! Is there a shortcut to becoming a big road? ! The answer is yes! Feed and feed, don’t leave, my next sentence is not “definitely no”! If you want to be a big man, of course, there are shortcuts. As for what… then continue to look down.

First of all, we must understand that the difference between ourselves and Daxie is awkward. Except that we can’t find our opponents in the first place, lack of consciousness, unscientific operation, and poor gunning, we have the same starting point for each game. Hey, make a joke, just kidding! Next is the official start time of the Daxie Class~

We all know the biggest difference between Daxie and us. It is the ability to press the gun and adjust the direction of the muzzle is stronger than ours. So, we don’t pursue the illusory consciousness and the neurotic level reaction. First of all, if you want to win, you have to shoot your own bullets!

Cute little new! Have you played the stimulating battlefield for so long, how many system settings have you opened? Have you seen the options you can set? As an old player, here is to share with you the biggest secret of becoming stronger: system settings. As long as you carefully understand them, you can discover new continents that stimulate the battlefield.

Hmm… a little bit farther away, first we need to open the gyroscope in the setup! What is a gyroscope? Gyro is the focus of our attention today, as long as you learn its usage, you can go further and further on the road of the old driver.

As the name implies, the gyroscope is to let the player play the top in the exciting battlefield… Oh no, it is the gravity sensing accessory in the mobile phone. So what is it used for? When aiming at an opponent, you only need to move your phone in the corresponding direction to fine-tune the alignment.

Gyro plus auxiliary aiming to find out? As long as you master this pair of “old driver essential combination”, what soul pressure gun, headshot team, 98K eight hundred miles mobile target headshot, all will become the basic operation! Yes, the gyroscope is so confident.

After opening the door to the gyroscope that will stimulate the battlefield into a “sense game”, the hand does not shake when the gun is in the battlefield, and the heart does not jump. The shaking of the muzzle can only be described as a steady one. Hey, what are you doing? Still not going to the game to try the charm of the gyroscope? !

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