PUBG Mobile guide, the main guns are big, look at the same as you think.

In the exciting battlefield, the game provides a variety of firearms for everyone. These guns are not only different in shape, but their functions and advantages and disadvantages are also different. Because of the variety of firearms, players often According to your own game habits and tactical specialties, choose guns to use. Today, I am going to talk about how the guns in the game are all about !

M4, most of the lords The favorite of this gun is that it has no features. The speed, power, and single-point rear seat are very moderate in the case of naked guns, but they are widely used because of their strong recoil control and their lack of significant shortcomings. Players love it, this gun has a good performance in both single sweep and high single point.

Dogs (Groza) This gun can be used as an airdrop weapon to become the current version of the rifle MVP. The feel of the hand is almost the same as that of a submachine gun. The speed of shooting is super fast and the recoil is smaller than AK, 7.62. The damage of the bullet is not covered. However, the downside is that it is very touching for the target bullets that are 200 meters away.

How can I forget my big AK gods when I talk about rifles? Although AK has a slow rate of fire, but after using it, the feel is still very good, especially there are many AK gods, but even the average player, the back seat of AK is really not so good, and there is a high single on AK. The point is not as imaginative as it is without the support of the grip.

SCAR has good sweep performance, mediocre attributes, and one tactical support than M4. Although the damage is not as good as AK, the stability of the sweep is definitely stronger than that of AK. The general rifle novice player of 5.66 bullets is also A better gun.

M16 This gun is very easy to use in the end, high-power single-point strong rifle, in the hands of the gods, this gun is simply flexible, far and near all-around, but limited by the performance of the mobile platform, even this Many players are not good at driving, but they are still dedicated to the big gun.

In the game, evaluate the melee ability of a gun and only need to look Seeing his rate of fire on the line

The speed of the rifle 苟砸 > AUG>M16 (See how fast your hand is)>M4> SCAR > AK

In addition to the popular rifle family, there are many other firearms in the game, such as the submachine gun series. Under the condition of human stroke, the submachine gun and the sprayer basically crush all the rifles in the melee, which is why the professional assault sometimes The reason for carrying a shotgun.

98K and M24, put together because the two guns are relatively similar in power, but if these guns do not make headshots, it is best not to play It is.

AWM is the first in the world, does not accept rebuttal

M249 Sweeping, fire suppressing artifacts, although the back seat is large, but the underarm shooting is still very stable, the bullets fall down.

MK14 This gun is still to be taken out separately. Although the MK14 is a shooter rifle, it has an automatic mode and is the only shooter rifle that can shoot a first-level head. However, the recoil of this gun is not only large, but the horizontal jitter is also more serious, but even so, in the case of a pretty match, the sister control can still kill the four sides with a very high single shot damage in the fully automatic mode.

SKS This gun, I personally don’t like it very much, but the 762’s caliber and good alignment are correct. In the case of complete spare parts, one shot and one body can basically Take away, unless it is a third-level headgear.

MINI In fact, everyone should not think of this gun as a sniper rifle. He is a M4 with only a single point. The damage is low. Many times I would rather choose VSS. The most uncomfortable thing about this gun is the two shots. They don’t hit the 3rd level. As a shooter rifle, there is really a loss of standards.

VSS is useless unless it is not used.

UMP9 This gun is the M4 inside the submachine gun, hologram + thumb + expansion, the feel is not a general stick, it is more difficult to use later

S686 In a word, not you are dead, I am dead

Even the words are difficult to use, mainly because of the proliferation of fans, killing People look at luck

S12K With the new duckbill and expansion, the real sense of the husband is not to be too busy, single team is not too cool

As for short spray, WIN94, SLR, 弩 arrow and various Pistol, because the usage is too small, I will not say more here

Spoofing so much, in fact, what I want to say is that for the weapon, the player’s personal touch is the most important. Compared with the data, it is better to take a shot in the hand and use it comfortably. (For example, I am a personal madman).

This article is a slogan, subjective judgment is more, it is inevitable Some mistakes, I hope everyone will bear with me, and finally I wish you all a happy life, happy every day.

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