PUBG Mobile guide How to find happiness in the battlefield

Stimulating the battlefield This game is a game that gives players a hardcore shootout and survival experience at the beginning of the cap. However, since many players are still very entertaining, since the official has joined the action system, the atmosphere of the whole game has become more and more. Before our article said some serious tactical play, let us relax today. One point, let’s talk about how to make a “happy” soldier in the game.

In fact, as a third-person shooter, the battle rhythm that stimulates the battlefield is actually very slow. The main reason is that the core gameplay of this game is not just a gun, if you just want to just shoot or practice the gun The war mode in the step-by-step entertainment mode definitely allows the player to experience the thrill of “explosion”.

Slow-paced gaming experience is not entirely a bad thing, because especially For the anchor, chatting with fans during the smashing of the card is a good gaming experience for both the anchor and the viewer. Of course, not everyone is an anchor, and not everyone can understand the fun of “pan and chicken”. So how can you find happiness in the game as a normal player?

Some players may say that this game is originally playing rankings, to be happy to play other ! No! Actually happy game no matter It is very important for professional players or rookies, because the happy game mode makes it easier for us to have a positive attitude towards the game and is more willing to improve ourselves. I don’t know if you have encountered this kind of situation. It is obvious that you are already an absolute advantage. It is a step away from eating chicken. The result is killed by the LYB who is not killed outside the ring. Finally, the enemy is left alone to eat inexplicably. chicken. I have encountered it anyway. There is really a kind of uncomfortable feeling in the mood, and there is already a set of gods. The result is taken away by 2 guns. AWM is sent to others without a shot. Made a wedding dress.

In fact, the various situations mentioned above are all we often in the game. Some negative emotions that will be encountered. These emotions will have a very negative impact on our next battle. For example, once again, I am discussing tactics with my teammates. People who suddenly come in have said something, “Don’t be so much. In fact, the game is annoying!” In fact, the game is completely supportive of blocking the voice of teammates, but he chose not to block and ridicule, this kind of person is not necessarily a very low-quality person, but it must be pitted in the last game. . All we can do is not to be a player who brings negative emotions to others.

Here I have two tips for adjusting my mindset. The first one is to play the entertainment mode, and it is 8 minutes speed mode, which is very easy to play, especially the shotgun mode. It’s very difficult to fight (of course, it’s also possible to be taught by 686, but it’s good to go directly to the next game). It’s common to eat chicken. Believe me, eating a plate of chicken can sweep away the gloomyness of a few plates, and then the war of “explosion” Mode, if you are bothered by LYB, this is definitely a good place for you to end today’s game. It is dry, there is no intrigue, you are sneaked and killed. The next time you jump, you will jump to LYB and directly kill LYB. The thief is deflated.

The other is to play other categories of rankings, such as single or double row, or even try the first person (but novices do not go,Because no newbie will choose the first person when they come up.) Because these are not the main mode of your play, the position is not so important, the mentality will be much better, and because the position is relatively low, it is relatively easy to play, it is a good decompression method.

Finally, I hope that every player can experience happiness in the game, happy to share, happy to eat chicken !

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