PUBG Mobile guide goes the other way, then explores the airport C-shaped building

In the stimulating battlefield, there is such a point, the game is very hot at the beginning, almost landing is going to be old, but now there are very few people, this place is a military base.

The reason for this is that the military base and its special geographical location and resources Distribution caused, when the players understand the game deeper, many players gradually realized the geographical limitations of the military base, and slowly no longer choose the military base as the first point.

Reasons are as follows:

First of all, the military base is highly competitive, the higher the segmentation, the upper The slower the score, but the scores of the landing box are very high, which makes the military base become a risky choice.

Secondly, survive at the military base ≠ eat chicken, The high risk and low return of the military base are not directly proportional. In order to stabilize, many players will give up here.

The most important point is that the military base is on the edge of the map, which is generally When you first eat , the time for collecting materials is not sufficient. Moreover, the military base is an isolated island in the island, and it is easy to be blocked by wild players, resulting in a situation in which a gods wear hate bridge heads.

So slowly follow the tactics of fighting against poison and anti-drug It became the mainstream, and the military base, such as the “Falling is dry” fighting style and the game’s rhythm, the landing point became less popular, but the N port in the military base is not full.

But the military base is really nothing. Of course No, because when most people have given up their military bases, they have become a very good place to develop. Where the military base is fat, it must be a C-shaped building.

Here is also a newcomer to the popular science player, “C-shaped building” is actually an abbreviation of the three-story complex in the upper part of the military base, because the position of the three buildings looks very high like English letters from the sky. C”, so the player simply called it the C-shaped building.

The next thing we want to say is here, the scope of the military base is actually very extensive If it is a single person to fight wild, it is not realistic to find the entire military base, unless the circle is reduced to the military base, but if that is the case, there will be a large number of players in the military base, we also fundamentally Innocent to collect.

As the saying goes, if the water is three thousand, only take a dip, and this The C-shaped building is what we call “a scoop” because the C wordThe building is generally very fat, especially on the roof, and guns are usually found (and there are also black ones).

If you are familiar with the terrain in the corridor, you can easily ambush the enemy, let yourself easily come out, and this 3 buildings are very close, we can immediately turn after collecting one of them. Go into the next house and avoid long-term outside targets for the enemy.

In addition to the above points, the next problem to be solved is the problem of military bases and difficulties – transfer. At the top of the top C building is a brushing point. If the equipment we collected in the first building is relatively fat, we can drive directly, and if it is not very smooth, we can run over the car. Come in (provided that there are no enemies around), use the mobility of the vehicle, speed up the progress of collecting equipment, and advance to the circle as soon as possible.

In the game, we must learn to constantly analyze the game environment and find the enemy’s psychology. Blind areas create favorable tactical conditions for themselves. Only in this way can we let our ranks continue to rise.

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