PUBG Mobile guide Big Sheep Real Show: Rainforest New Weapon QBU and New Ronnie Full Test

(This article was originally created by Youjiu Gaoyang, and is not allowed to reprint without permission)

Introduction: Hello everyone and I met the players. I am a big sheep. With the stimuli of the battlefield update, the rainforest map is on the line with a new vehicle & Rolney & lsquo; and replace the mini14 new weapon DMR & lsquo; QBU & rsquo;. The big sheep can’t wait to go in and experience it. Then this issue will bring you QBU and Ronnie’s test. I hope everyone can enjoy a lot of support!



This update adds a new weapon QBU, which is a 5.56-caliber bullet, a precision shooter rifle without a design (DMR), its standard The magazine has a capacity of 10 rounds and can also be equipped with 20 rounds of magazines. In fact, we can guess by listening to the name, QBU is the brother gun of QBZ, and is the second weapon developed by China for PUBG Mobile. The prototype of QBU in reality is the 88-type sniper rifle independently developed by China. Like QBZ, it is a pure Chinese gun. First of all, according to the official data, the recoil of the gun is basically the same as the ballistic and mini14, but the power is higher than the mini14.

At the same time, like the mini14, it is a three-part precision rifle that can be used as an accessory for an assault rifle. And compared to other unsupported DMRs, QBU has a distinct advantage, that is, it comes with a bipod, the bipod will automatically open when you kneel, which can significantly reduce the recoil.

This is not a fake. This is obviously found in the actual measurement of the big sheep. The ballistics of the QBU will be very stable after the squatting, and then the following sheep will present the trajectory of the three different postures. Figure.

(1) Accurate aiming

(2) Inexact aiming

From the above three figures, it can be seen that whether you are shooting accurately or inaccurately, as long as you kneel down, QBU is an artifact, and the rear recoil of the firearm is reduced. When sitting, the recoil is very large when shooting. In the big sheep 10 bursts, the trajectory is very floating. So in general, if you want this gun into an artifact, you still have to find a height to kneel down. (more suitable for LYB weapons)

The second is that the bullet damage per QBU is quite good.

So from the end result, this new gun QBU is still good, which is better than the mini14.

Second, Ronnie

Ronnie is a new type of transportation after this update, and it is only refreshed in Sano, it is a rainforest map. Exclusive vehicle.

(1)) Basic attributes:

Rony/Ronnie Pickup

Passenger: 4 people

Refresh acquisition: Rainforest map random refresh

Maximum speed: 100km/h

Health: medium

Adaptability: medium

(2) Actual evaluation

From the actual test in the game, it is found that the speed of this car will be maintained at around 95km/h when it is opened, compared with other vehicles. Said to be slower.

But it has a long width and can be used in the shelter with other objects of Sano during combat. It is a good advantage to defend against enemy bullets.

From the point of view of the ability to be hurt, the big sheep took a M4 shot near the point, and it can hold about 40 rounds of bullets, which is medium in all the damage ability of the vehicle. Overall, this new car is quite satisfactory and is still a very good pickup truck.

The above is the evaluation and experience of the new sheep on the rainforest map new guns and new vehicles, I hope everyone can like, a lot of support and attention.

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