PUBG Mobile guide, the battle against the wind, the survival rule of the lone wolf finals

On the road to stimulating the battlefield, although teamwork and fixed teams are very important, there are still many players who have to make single-row situations, and such competitive games, as long as they are needed and teammates on the network. Coordination is very likely to lead to team level inaccuracy. And if teammates don’t play well, it will often affect our performance a lot. So let’s talk to you today if teammates don’t play very much. After all the battles in the middle and the middle, how can you push your position forward as much as possible in the later period.

After we discovered that there was a problem with our teammates, we had two choices:

The first is to start the circle immediately and try to control the rhythm of killing yourself. , mainly based on 苟. However, this kind of gameplay has a big drawback. If we use the circle play method at the beginning, we can hardly know the distribution of the enemy in the circle in the later stage. It is very likely that we can drive directly to the enemy. . At this time, it’s time for “teammates” to play a role. We can open a small map and see where the teammates are killed. From this, we can determine which direction is definitely an enemy. Try to avoid the circle that the teammates fall. route.

The second is to immediately try to drive the vehicle into the circle. Although this method is very dangerous, it is harder to get rid of the lap when compared to the first method. Although it may be swept down by the enemy with a good shot, it is directly GG, so this method is compared with the first one. One is more like gambling, but in the case of equipment and location are absolutely inferior, once there is no possibility of surviving the enemy gun, then gambling becomes a high-reward tactic. Once it becomes a function, it brings a very high profit.

Here is a practical case to explain to everyone.

Here we can see that teammates 2, 4 have been killed, No. 1 dropped, and because I chose the wild route, the equipment is not very fat, 4 times + AK and full with Victor At the 2nd level, such a configuration is difficult to counterattack once it is shot by the enemy, and the safe area is located in the popular G port. If you do not cross the bridge as soon as possible, it will be very troublesome.

Analysis: In the later stage, the lone wolf must pass through some necessary roads. . In case it is stuck directly when brushing the circle.

When there is no better two-storey building on the map, we may choose to directly choose Volde. First of all, it is very dangerous to run in the safe area in the later stage of the game. At the same time, once the building is very easy to be encircled, it is not good for defense. In the late-stage safety zone with the housing area, the housing area is also the focus of the enemy, so we should not force the housing area in the case of a very disadvantageous number.

Analysis: It must be based on low-key in the style of play, not to say no Want to volatility, but must not compete with the big forces for some key defensive points.

If you can be sure of the safety, the airdrop will definitely be taken. Here I found a 2 team and another lone wolf behind me, so I decided to steal the airdrop.

Analysis: In the later stages of the game, the airdrop will become less and less Important, because everyone’s equipment is generally better in the later period, and because of the shrinking of the safe area, the action of slamming the air will be very conspicuous, it is easy to be attacked by the group, but when we are very poorly equipped, it may be worth Beat, bicycle change motorcycle.”

After getting the airdrop, the battle behind me basically subsided. At this time, our rankings are also relatively advanced. The most important thing to do at this time is not to eat chicken, because there is still a person’s position we can’t accurately locate. Our position is not very good, so our goal at this time is the runner-up. After all, the enemy behind us does not know where we are, we can guarantee to kill him.

Analysis: When the position is absolutely inferior, the position is very bad. Don’t deliberately pursue eating chickens because of the birth and death circle, because we are in a position to transfer, but if we transfer, we should give people a target, and don’t pin our hopes on the smoke bomb, because the enemy found that you only have one. When you are a person, you can easily and easily push you out of the smoke with a thunder, but if it is a circle of life and death, you can try a wave of chicken.

In the game, becoming a lone wolf is sometimes inevitable. Don’t blame your teammates at this time, because in the Internet age, you don’t know who your teammates are. The blaming teammates who are mad at anger are not useful. The only way is to do your best to raise the rankings so that your scores do not fall.

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