PUBG Mobile guide The strength of four shotguns, the second is not because of this.

In the stimulating battlefield, shotguns are the most important type of weapon for landing guns. They are widely used by everyone, but it seems that in the game everyone is overused in addition to landing, and rarely in other times. The use of shotguns is due to the fact that many players do not have a good grasp of the spread and aiming of shotguns. In the high-end fixed team, a rifle + a shotgun has become the standard for the assault. Today we will give you an analysis of the use of various types of shotguns and accessories.

First is the melee artifact 686:

No bundle In the case of

When adding the beam eliminator

Seeing that 686 has a significantly improved effective range after the addition of the beam eliminator, and the aim is guaranteed when attacking the target within 15 meters, but it is worth noting that although the beam eliminator provides Good effective range, but once it is more than 10 meters, only 2 shots of 686 can’t guarantee to knock down the enemy. If you attack, please use 686

Next is S1897:

In the absence of accessories

When there is a buncher

Adding a duckbill Situation

From the bullet hole we can clearly see that S1897 Scattering is very fascinating when there are no accessories, and because the spray rate of the spray is very problematic, yes! Always carry S1897 Face brushing is not an illusion. Secondly, we can see through comparison that the lift of the beam is very limited, but it is still there, but the performance of the duckbill is much worse. The bullet bundle is obviously flattened, making the bullet very It is easy to pass through the sides of the enemy’s body, which is very wasteful of output during melee.

Then S12K:

Without accessories

The situation with duckbill

From the comparison of the two we can find obvious The difference, the duckbill’s promotion of S12K is very large, and even played the role of a beam eliminator (perhaps an illusion?), but undoubtedly, the duckbill can greatly improve the stability of S12K, increase After the expansion, the 8 rounds of bomb capacity and high rate of fire make the S12K perform very well when attacking and defending the building. Friends who want to play the assault can try it. It is definitely the door of a new world.

Oh, yes, there is a S343 in the shotgun family. (Funny), in fact, is a short spray unique to the desert:

When there is no accessory

When there is a buncher

If you can’t say that this gun can only occupy a pistol position ? Whether it is equipped with accessories, it can not effectively reduce the scattering, and this gun scattering ratio S1897 It is still much more serious. It is estimated that it will not be missed only by holding the barrel of the enemy’s head!

The above is some experimental data of the shotgun. It can be seen that in the shotgun S1897 It is really weak, but many times we have no choice, but we can choose not to give S1897 install duckbill, many times It is counterproductive.

Finally, let’s say a little common sense about you.

Because of these characteristics of shotguns, and as a weapon commonly used in the early days of the game, shotguns are often used to fight indoors. What many friends have not noticed is that when we are obedient, we usually stick to the view behind the wall. Wall, but this will cause the muzzle to go down. Although the sight is a prohibition symbol, we can still shoot. If we encounter an unexpected situation at this time, it is likely that it will directly face the floor. Take a shot, this kind of mistake is extremely dangerous when the soldiers are connected, so if you stay behind the wall at the beginning of the game, you must remember to keep a certain distance from the wall, so that you can handle all kinds of unexpected situations at any time.It is king.

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