PUBG Mobile guide Team Eyes, Freeman Getting Started Guide

In the team of stable , if you want to quickly improve your comprehensive ability, then you must try the free man position, especially It is the kind of player who has reached the game time more than 100 hours and has a preliminary understanding of the game. Trying free people can quickly improve their ability to respond to the higher position.

The main role of & ldquo;free people here is to provide the battlefield information for the team, and The free man’s most test is the player’s comprehensive ability. Here we briefly say, in a fixed team, the free man’s tasks are:

1. After the captain has set the landing point, select the wild area near the team (preferably highland) Landing, because for free people, it is most important to observe more enemies. In the stimulating battlefield, because of the existence of auxiliary aiming, many times the spelling method is second, and more often it is the first to see. Who, and the free man will bear the eyes of the team and help his teammates to report from afar.

2. In the first two rounds of the grid, the role of the free man is the biggest, when the free man It is necessary to drive the road to find the way, collect information for teammates, and pay attention to not too far away from the teammates. There is a 10 to 20 second drive, because even if we encounter enemies, we can wait for the teammates by hiding or walking. support.

3. From the third After the end of the circle, the work of the free man will change from the path of exploration to the tail. Because of the shrinking circle, the density of the enemy in the high-end game will rise suddenly after the end of the third circle. At this time, it is very likely that the enemies of the group will be swept directly into the horse’s nest by driving blindly. The advantage of sweeping the tail will protect the entire team from being attacked by Voldemort. Even if it is unfortunately stolen by Voldemort, it can reveal its position and direct teammates to carry out the fight. It can also ensure the safety of the rear.

4. When confrontation occurs At the time, the free man who is traveling outside can completely drive the vehicle to pull the gun line, suppress and kill the enemy against his team. Once the enemy is suppressed, the teammate can immediately transfer and support, and then easily destroy the enemy.

In addition to the above several tasks, here are some tips for free people to pay attention to. Can help everyone.

1. For freelancers, although the shooting method is not the first, it must be guaranteed. A sneak attack can be a fatal blow.

2. Learn to analyze the situation on the field through gunshots and killing information, and then decide the persuasion plan. Explain here, if you find that the gunshots are close to you and there is killing information released, it is a proof of fierce exchange of fire. At this time we must pay attention to the signs of knockdown and killing in order to analyze the battlefield situation and at the same time persuade The best time is 3-5 seconds after someone dies, when the enemy’s vigilance is the lowest, and the sneak attack is the easiest time to succeed.

3. Learn to use the anti-slope visual field difference, sometimes after the enemy’s eyelids are finished This

4. S12K+ duckbill is very strong, usually in the game, the player generally uses It is a combination of rifle + sniper rifle, and the free man is not allowed to face multiple enemies because of the special circumstances. At a reasonable time, this combination can easily take away one enemy, which is undoubtedly one in the fierce encounter. Put the weapon.

There is a saying that the sniper assaulter determines the lower limit of a team, while the free man can decide the team. On the line, practicing free people to play the law is not good for our top score, I wish all of you friends on the road to the green light.

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