PUBG Mobile guide Tactical evolution, taking you into the world of masters

In the stimulating battlefield, there are quite a few players who have a certain understanding of the game. They always think that this game only has the shooting and luck. It is true that a good shooting method can make us in the middle and low segment, a fate circle. It allows us to easily target chickens. But after seeing a lot of high-end games, we will find that there are really routines and styles in the battlefield. Today we follow the players’ footsteps and take a look at the players’ understanding and progress in tactics since the battlefield was launched.

Before the official start, I still want to remind everyone, because the exciting battlefield is a highly free game, so in the tactics It is inevitable that there will be omissions and mistakes in the summary, and it should be noted that the tactical play is completely different from the choice in battle.

1. Circle beat Law: This style of play is the most commonly used gameplay for early FPS players. The main feature is that the choice of the placement point is always biased towards the center of the map. “P City Guns” is created by these players. In the early stage, choose resource-intensive places to land, quickly accumulate equipment advantages, and then seize the dominant terrain (similar to the highland anti-slope), and suppress and target other enemies in the running circle.

The advantage of this tactic is that once the team gains the topographical advantage, the team is very concealed and often able to Without a shot and a shot into the finals, if you are fortunate enough to encounter the fate of life, it is even more powerful, eating chicken is like a hand to come.

The shortcomings are equally obvious. As the players understand the game, the advantage points can be used by many players. Know, so when fighting for these terrains, conflicts are easy to break out. Once there is a flash, it will be a very unfavorable situation.

Secondly, it is easy to be disrupted by some teams that do not follow the routine. The so-called “ chaos Punch the death of the master, “, when confronted with the enemy, it is easy to be persuaded by the enemy who heard the news. Once caught by multiple forces, such tactics have no chance of surviving.

At the same time, the key to the smooth implementation of this tactic is that there must be a very powerful sniper in the team because the sniper is broken. The most important point of the deadlock, and the most fearful thing about this style of play is to freeze with the enemy.

2. Play with the circle Law: This style of play is the fastest, coolest and fastest way to play. Because when the circle play is popular, there are a lot of players who are not good at shooting, and then they choose to play wild, and then naturally, this part of the player begins to work with the circle. The advantage of this style of play is that it can almost completely avoid all conflicts in the early and middle stages of the game, easily blending into high rankings. The downside is that because it has been on the side of the circle, it is completely ignorant of the distribution of enemies in the circle, so that it is always difficult to win in the finals, or it is sneaked to death by various Voldemorts, so that in the current high-end game, I can’t see this gameplay at all.

3. Analyze the information, Stochastic: In the top game showdown, nothing can’t be quantified. Just like the MOBA game’s spirit of careful study of the economy and data, a team can stimulate the observations in the battlefield. Optimization, not just relying on intuitive ideas to make judgments, every action has his meaning, so that it can handle complex battles and battles.

There is no fixed landing point in such a team, and there is no such thing as a dominant terrain. Some just make a general strategic idea based on different circles, and the real battle is to combine the players’ own characteristics and battlefield information in the team. The tactical style is relatively flexible, but it is more similar to the combination of the above two tactics. Sometimes when the information is insufficient, the whole team can turn to attack, step by step, and advance. Not only that, such flexible tactics are a challenge to the command position, a good command can lead a team to implement such tactics. At the same time, in order to master this tactic skillfully, it is necessary to accumulate over time. It is not a common name for two days. Only when you see more, can you make the right choice in a complex battlefield environment.

We have reason to believe that as new content continues to join the game, and the accumulation of players from generation to generation, stimulate The tactics of the battlefield will be endless, let us wait and see !

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