PUBG Mobile guide Desert eating chicken small routine, orange flower town to play

The desert map is very friendly to the brothers who like the guns. It is very capable of attacking the building. Because in the desert map, the terrain is very empty, unlike the island map, many times the location is not good. You can also use trees and grass to cover the land. Many times in the desert map, if you can’t enter the building, you will be shot by the enemy. The number of buildings is limited. In the game, we often encounter the enemy in the building. In the case of the inside of the object, if you do not decisively launch the attack, it is likely to be eliminated without any suspense.

In the desert map, because the function of the building is greatly increased, The speed at which we collect materials is going to speed up. Here we recommend a feasible routine for everyone. That is to choose the location of the next picture of Nectarine Town as the landing point, because the house in this location is relatively concentrated and searchable, and it is still a place. The fixed brushing point can be quickly transferred by the vehicle after we quickly collect the materials.

Here we still combine a small case to explain to everyone.

After landing, we can start collecting materials quickly. It is worth noting that because there are a lot of people who know this point as the level of gamers rises, many times they just have to shoot, just give it here. Everyone puts forward a suggestion. After getting the firearms, you can close the door and then directly guard the 2nd floor. It is very likely that you can miss the unsuspecting enemy, or directly when the enemy walks around the house. The second floor jumped directly to kill.

After collecting the supplies, we immediately drove away. In the desert map, the tactics will become very simple and straightforward, because the points that can be kept are much less than the islands, especially the strategic value of the anti-slope is greatly reduced, as early as possible. Running the circle and entering the dominant terrain is the right way to eat the desert map.

Of course, there is no absolute word. In some cases where the field of vision is wide and there is a bunker, it is still possible to make a short stay and observation. The information on collecting battlefields is also an important part of eating chicken, because once we figure out the distribution of the enemy After that, you can use the vehicle to carry out the package, and it will be easier to kill the enemy by using the copying method.

After the foundation is completed, our team chooses to wait in the big mine to wait for the shrinking circle. This building can be said to be the best building with the full view of the map. The large windows definitely allow us to attack the enemy at all angles easily, and even We can also avoid the fight against the guns. At the same time, in this game, the point of the big mine is just the traffic of the transfer. If an enemy dares to pass from here, it can be used as a target.

The final round is started in the Lion City. The terrain of the Lion City is quite complicated, but the most suitable for the squatting is the unfinished building. The vision is wide and there are many choices for landing. The enemy does not look like a normal building. It is relatively easy to defend the building. Very suitable for novices as a lateSite use.

Finally, we found the last enemy on the roof of a complex building. Under the guns of our teammates, I decisively pressed and prepared to attack the building. At the same time, the enemies upstairs were uncomfortable. I chose my teammates wrongly. For the gun.

The unsuspecting enemy was directly hit by my flash, and I quickly rushed into the building with the enemy’s visual gap.

Killed enemies who have not come and fight drugs, and successfully eat chicken.

Through this battle we can see that the desert map is not so intriguing, mainly It is two points, fast and accurate. It means that the collection of materials is fast, and the quasi-point refers to the position of the card points. Then, with the stable play of the guns and a little luck, eating chicken is not difficult.

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