PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Take the crazy bus, the driver must send the children safely

It is a beautiful landscape that stimulates the battlefield desert map. It is cute, beautiful, charming and villain. It is the most popular vehicle in addition to the plane. From time to time, the rivers and lakes have a saying: It’s a brother, I came to my bus.

In the stimulating battlefield, The bus is bulky and has a high blood volume. You just hit it, if the car bursts, I will be … … brother, is in the next abrupt, and left. After all, the bus is not invincible, the enemy is so fierce, we are so thin! A sudden sudden, even the bus is cool.

Although the climbing ability is weak, the number of buses is large and widely distributed, and the driver of the bus is So handsome, people always fall in love with the bus because of me?

People only know the bus It’s so handsome in my hands, but I don’t know what the bus has in reality. The inspiration for the game carrier bus comes from the reality of the Volkswagen T1. As the first generation of the 1950’s van-type multi-purpose bus, the first person to propose the concept is the Dutch businessman Ben Pon. On April 23, 1947, when he saw the flatbed as a transportation inside the Volkswagen factory, he suddenly came to the inspiration. This inspiration is like a wind like electricity and rain. It comes suddenly and strangely, just like the turbulent love is unbearable.

Ben Pon thinks it should be Based on this flatbed, a low-cost, versatile transport vehicle with a closed structure was introduced. In order to meet the needs of European reconstruction after World War II, he took out his notebook and drew an oval transporter that looked like four wheels on the bottom of a large piece of bread. It is the cute, beautiful, charming and villainous bus in the game.

This inspiration was in just two years, that is, in 1950, several improved prototypes entered mass production. stage. By 2003, the code name product had been updated to the fifth generation T5.

“Type2” The first generation of the T1 is the second model in the history of Volkswagen, only in front of him There is the first model & quot; Beetle & rdquo;. what is this? This is the classic! Don’t look at the bus as if it is not as cool as other models, but the design concept, the rich classic style, and the bus driver, my grandchildren, who can not love? Tell me who can’t love?

I have a dream: Driving my lovely bus and driving on a small road in the country. I screamed the horn and picked up the teammates who were left behind in the battlefield. They arranged them one by one and sent them to one place. Imagine that they were watching a handsome teammate driving a bus from afar. It felt like a savior, like God, and the tall image was built up at once.

Brother, beg you On the last rut, I will try to drive faster. Not on the mountain road? My car skills are very stable and stable. Hey, brother, convertible, how can I have a temperament? Brother, you give me back!

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