PUBG Mobile guide is based on developmental tactics.

In the exciting battlefield, high-end players often said, “how there are so many tactics, just playing more than ”, In fact, what they said is justified, because judging whether a position can be carded, or from what angle to enter the circle, or even judging how many enemies there are, it seems to be just a kind of “feeling” because in the actual game, We don’t have the kind of game experience that “some people are arguing in the house to discuss tactics”. In most cases, “who has a mirror, I have 98K”.

But it is undeniable that there are indeed many tactics in the game, but why do we feel as ordinary players? To the existence of tactics ?

1. The wild team did not cooperate, each one hit, the finals circle, see each other guns, exchange materials, see if the sisters talk more, even if the wild team is very good & ldquo; team Cooperation

2. The team has a fixed routine, there is nothing special to discuss, the general team The commanders are all players with better tactical minds. Teammates are generally willing to obey. All tactical plans are directed by one person. As a member of the team, we also don’t feel

3. The low-end bureau, the gun method is king, “good tactics, two shots collapsed”, that is to say the segmentation, especially platinum diamonds, many players are playing against the gun, Even if you lie in the enemy, a set of “strokes” in the past, the enemy reacted and the whole set of take away is equal to zero.

So what is the tactical thing like this ? In fact, it is the most favorable according to the battlefield information. The action of eating chicken.

When it comes to tactics, the topic is hard to avoid, and it’s too big, so in order to ensure that our article has To help, we will talk about one of the conditions for tactical development, equipment factors. In the game, although the equipment can not determine the outcome of the game, but it can also greatly change the game’s situation, such as in the middle of the game, a 8 times 98K can bring great pressure to other teams, use properly Can even change the direction of the game. But if you have already shrunk to the lower three circles, you still have a 686+UZI. If you don’t use reasonable tactics, it is estimated that this chicken has nothing to do with us.

Let me talk about how to choose tactics in the island map and different configurations.

1. The rifle is complete, There is no microscope, medicine is sufficient

At this time, we need to pay attention to avoiding large forces because we have problems with long-range combat capability. At the same time, because the medicine is sufficient, it is possible to continue to collect materials in the early stage, and the vehicle is a very important resource. If the backpack is not very nervous, it is recommended to take a barrel of oil to prevent the vehicle from being oily. Or do not abide by some of the more important housing areas, of course, to do a good job of camouflage, close the door, try to narrow the scope of operations to the house or around the house.

2. The rifle is complete with a shooter rifle + 4 times mirror

At this time, our combat capability is still good. Although the killing efficiency is worrying, but the ability to confront is still there, and the fire suppression ability is usually strong. At this time, we can fight around the airdrop if In the face of an airdrop that no one eats, it is likely to be a wave of fat, but usually we can rush to the airdrops in the first time, and the powerful firepower suppression ability can make us harvest a lot.

3. Fully armed

In this state, don’t rush to the edge of the card, what we need to do is to reduce the risk. On materials, we can easily perform a duel in the finals. At this time, our usual style of play is simple and rude, because we must know that the most risky thing in the game is to transfer, once in the process of transfer. Being stared, the situation is very dangerous, and the circle-playing method greatly reduces the conflict caused by the running circle. At the same time, even if there is a confrontation in the circle, we can use the powerful equipment advantage to defeat the enemy and create an advantage for ourselves. .

In the exciting battlefield, if you want to eat chicken, you must not only have excellent marksmanship, but also flexible tactics.

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