Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Knowledge Quiz Answer Summary President of the Mercury Consortium Answers

Today’s 18183 Xiaobian brings you the answer to the latest knowledge quiz of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen. You can get the [Valley Summer] achievement set and [Crystal Shoes*] as long as you answer 93 questions. 2+ Magic Club lottery ticket *6 + physical strength * 66 + gold coin * 66666] rich rewards, let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Knowledge Answers Summary:

Following the first word of the first question Listed in alphabetical order so that you can quickly find answers to your questions

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Q: “Warm dress” is the price in the clothing store?

A: 7580 gold coins

Q: Warm Which country does the town that arrived first after the miracle continent belong to?

A Apple Federation

Q: Can you wear several bags at the same time?

A: Bao Duo, Confidence

Q: What is the constellation of warmth?

A: Sagittarius

Q: Is the real identity of the chopping wood boy who is in the flower field in the flower field actually?

A: The disciple of the ancient building designer

Q: Who is the president of the Mercury Consortium?

A: Rhett

Q: What is the hidden identity of the famous model of the Mercury consortium?

A: A member of the thief family

Q: What is Ned Hogg’s favorite little animal?

A: Rabbit

Q: Nedhogg Where is the famous designer tea party?

A: Wintermon

Q: What is Niedhogo’s top spot in the race with a rose dress, famous in the mainland?

A: Wintermont Designer Tea Party

Q: How did warm people and others come from Lilith to the wasteland?

A: By train

Q: Which newspaper is the reporter who is looking for a job in Lingyun City?

A: Anfisia News

Q: The true identity of the priest Lansa met by the spinach tribe is?

A: A member of the iron rose

Q: The warmth of the military sergeant in Luochuan City is Zhu Ruozhen Which family from the cloud?

A: The flaming family

Q: Is there a name for a sword that can suppress opponents’ scores?

A: Night ruling

Q: Where is the warmth of the first time I saw Xue Yi?

A: Lilith Dream Match

The above is the answer to the latest Knowledge Quiz for Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen brought by 18183 Xiaobian. I hope that everyone can help.

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