Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Gongyi Yabu ritual Fangzi with Raiders How to match suit

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Forbidden City activities can be participated by dreaming into the Liuli Temple event. You can get three sets of suits and answers, and the theme of Gongyi Yabu’s ritual is to match the Forbidden City suit. Let’s take a look at the specific matching method~

Theme: Gongyi Yabu ritual Fangzi

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Hair: Xiangshui Fairy;

Top: Yao Chi Yu Lu;

Bottoms: Shuguang Yingcai;

Jacket: Qingyao Biying ;

Shoes: Steps in the month;

Headwear: enamel enamel;

Special: painting narcissus bonsai;

The matching strategy of Gongyi Yabu’s ceremonial theme is shared here. I hope this set of topping schemes will help everyone~

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