Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen catkins flying green bamboo fragrance high score S with Raiders sharing

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How do you get high scores for the scent of green bamboo? This is the gameplay of the match on the line. Many of the friends should want to know how the clothing match can get a high score. The following is a small series of recommended Raiders, interested to see together!

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen willow flying green bamboo fragrance high score with recommendation

Hairstyle: lop eared rabbit · gorgeous, Alice, wheat ear & middot; gorgeous, orange Yun

tops: 诵 裳 & · clothing, floral

Bottoms :Love Boots & Middot; Blue, Love Boots & Middot; White, Love Boots & Middot; Purple

Jacket: Down Vest, Grandma’s Gift

Socks: Sen Socks

Socks: wool socks, rabbit favorite

Shoes: high-top shoes · powder, warrior, plus velvet shoes

Makeup: pure swan, innocent angel, happy party

Fluorescent Spirit: Rabbit and Romance

Headwear – Hair Accessories: Plush Rabbit Ear · Gorgeous, Wool Warm Hat, Elk Cap

Headwear – Veil: Red Cape · Gorgeous

Headwear – Card Issuing : Warm winter, love the heart, wash the sand

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Earrings: Edelweiss · Big

Necklace-Necklace: Space-time collar · Rose, space-time collar, colorful bow tie

Necklace-Scarf: Colorblock Scarf

Handle-Right: Catkins Bracelet, Bow Ribbon, Bow Bracelet · Red

Handle-Left: God’s Pen, Jade Bracelet, Fine Floral String

Handicrafts-Gloves: 姹紫· gloves, time-space gloves · rose, love heart language

Hand-right: velvet bag, twilight song

Handheld – Left: Give a chestnut, a basket of slaps, and call the times

Waist: Zero restart, small apron

Special-face: sharp sight, face clown, pork belly bag

Special-chest: knot Fuyun, leader emblem

Special-Tattoo: Cute Bear Eye Mask

Special-Wings: Light Pink Fantasy, Little Devil’s Wing

Special – Tail: Jinfu Monkey, Rabbit Ball

Special-Foreground: Miracle Circus, Swing Bear, Dancing Youth

Special – Back View: Funny Paradise, Absurd Paradise, Bamboo with Snow

Special – Ground: Rotating Color Ball, Colorful Celebration, Orlando’s Blessing

Special – Top: May Rose, Broken Shackle

Special – Skin: Broken Puppet

The above is Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen catkins fly green bamboo fragrance high score S with Raiders recommended, I hope to help your friends, more information, please continue to pay attention! Please support!

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