Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How to match the Luoyan City Cloud Dress

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is one of the three camps of this event. If you choose this classmate’s camp, if you don’t know how to match a good fashion plan, let the game bird Xiaobian come to you. Recommend this suitable fashion plan, pick it up together.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Luoyan City Cloud Dress

Level Weight: Gorgeous: Elegant: Mature: Sexy: Warm = 1.6: 1.47:0.87:0.73:0.27

Level tag: Chinese classical B

npc skill:

Recommended skills: blow kiss smile picky sleep


hair & emsp;   type: Lan Ruo [Changguang] > Cloud Dancer · Black [Ding · Drill] > Fantasy · Confucian [dye · In · Public] >柳柳·朱[定·四神]

连 衣 skirt: 幽仙仙主[夜][魑魅](34819)> Thousands of ·羲[定·四神〕(34698)> A dream return (drill) (34607)

Upper    clothing: golden bell ringing [魑魅] (16843)> 碣石沧海衣[套·图](16187 )> Zijin [魑魅](16150)

下  装:素缎流云裤 [图](16573)> 虚月听心(四战)(16276)> Wave roll cloud [set &mi Ddot;图](16041)

Outer    Set: Xiangsha Half Roll · Rare [Into · Shop]> Jinser Warm Wind [Drill]

Socks & emsp;  sets: dead bones [night] [魑魅]> 月涟漪[缥缈]> swearing oath [图]> Xinglin Liuhe [four wars]> Zhenshou Daofu [Gold]

Socks & emsp; 子:兰情·珍珍(入·公/抽]> 清祀[图/剧情]> So the sword is deep [Forbidden City]

Shoes & emsp ; 子:无归路(钻]> 墨锦官靴(图]> 浮梦·儒(染·入·公]> Lingyun into the spring [潜龙]

Makeup & emsp; 容: 粉墨浓妆 [图]> Acacia 迢迢 [图]> 凤冥圣后(定·云禅]> Charm all beings [in ·图]

The Spirit of Fluorescent: Stardust Waltz [Sofia]> Chaoyunlu [Bai Yongzhen]> 沧海玄鳞 [冥水鸢]> Victory Qiongdou [Orlando]


head & emsp;  decoration: blazing fire Crown [定定=middot;云禅]> 珠玉隔云[四战]> 红鸾凤冠 [Wedding]> 拂清尘[凝砂]

头  纱:昊天云Crown [云禅]> 凛云云冠[定·云禅]> 白头之约[钻]> 凤翅紫金冠[福袋]> 雪馒头[金]

发&emsp ; 卡:濯清之泓 [潜龙]> 梦古[四神]> 花碟冠 [图]> 锦瑟银铮[风月]> Ginkgo biloba [Star]> Dragon Boat Festival 〔图〕

Ear & emsp;   Flower: Desolation Feather [Condensate] > Heart Moon Fox Ear (Star) > Orc Ear [Figure] > Reze’s Corner [Hidden Dragon]

Ear    Decoration: Finch Fan Shake (Magic Night)> Cheng Yu [缥缈]> Falling Depression Hurricane [Condensate]> St. Mark Seal [Condensate]

围   towel: town magic beads [night] [魑魅]> 刺金凌云氅[福袋]> 月色锦披[星星]> 雀带[抽]> Biyunjin 〕

item    chain: time to run [氪〕> 珠落玉盘[钻]> crane title beads (magic night)>Flower Storage & Middot; Zhu [定· 四神]

Handmade · Right: Moonstone Chain [缥缈]> Changed [Male]> Beauty Heart [Drill]> Bi Yu Shuguang [凝凝]

Handmade · Left: Jade Bracelet [图]> Frosty Ring [Faction]> Pink Flowering Branch [Condensate]

Handmade · Double:凛夜护手 [Star]> 雀环[抽]> 天香盈袖 [Star]> Moon color handwriting [图]

Handheld · Right: Piper by 念[公]>孤金,> 兴宗之意[福袋]> 梦兰灯[织梦]> 不寒寒[金]

Handheld · Left: Dream Butterfly Cloud [图]> White Lupin [set · into · public] > swordsman Ying Xue [Fu bag] > Causal [Figure]

Waist & emsp; & emsp; Decoration: Sealing Mirror [Star] > chromatic scale [drill] > Chain of Defence (Condensed Sand) > Broken Air [Gold]

Jewelry · Special

Face    Decoration: Bird Screen [Draw] > Figure] > Fantasy Dream 〔假面〕> ruling eye [condensed sand]

chest & emsp;  decoration: 烟云缥碧 [氪]> 斗转星移[故宫]> and 月凌尘[潜龙]>水纱少灵 [公]

纹  身:四象之灵(四战)> 芊眠·晨[风月]> 神目天成[福袋]>合(四战)

Wing & emsp; Body: Tian Xuan Yu [图]> Winged Wing [Xia Mo]> Angel Wings [昼夜]> Sinful Wings [Blood Moon]

Tail   巴:迎福辟邪(金]> Wings of the Abyss [幻夜]> 心月狐尾[星星]> 丰穗神尊[氪]

前  景: Taiji Ssangyong [Four Gods]> One cut Hanmei [set · blessing bag]> Koi Chuanshu [set · Yuanxiao]> Life and Death Column [魑魅]

After   景: buckle Ling Han [福袋]> Yin and Yang Taiji map [set · four wars] > copper plated gold screen clock [Forbidden City]

Top    Decoration: Time Travel [set &mi Ddot;图]> Raise the shackle [into the middot; map] > predict the star wheel [coagulation]

ground & emsp; & emsp; surface: Fang Ruiyingzhi [氪] > ]> Cheng Yuan Shui Lian [Star] > Xiying Embroidery 闺 [Wedding]

Skin & emsp;   Skin: Pickup Puppet [Into · Picture] > Passionate Melody [Limited Time] > Broken Puppet [图]> Skateboard Girl [Limited Time]> Passionate Sunshine [Login]

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From front to back The best choice to the worst choice, basically the best score for this match, has been specific to each position!

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