Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Dawning Battle Raiders

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen’s Breaking Wars There are three new suits in the cloud undercurrent activity. Players need to choose the camp to match the pk. I don’t know how to match the best classmates. Here is the best match for this event.

Everyone chooses the corresponding strategy according to the character:

[P3]—— White, Austria PK, and Rui’s level

[P4] ——Sea Sakura PK Fern’s checkpoint

[P5]—— Louis PK Nieder Hogg’s checkpoint

According to the plot, the game’s war whistle The location of the station and the West West City is wrong, do not choose the city to choose the Raiders!

The camp battle suit top analysis:

P8 [wind slant bamboo shadow] Arena top with more, more practical.

P9 [Xinyan willow] basically has no top matching.

Other analysis:

Elf Clorus, the rank of the doctor Raven can be promoted to the world map

The other players in the same camp will not clear the rank, that is, before Elf/doctor can choose other people in the camp

Detailed event description

The first part of the timeline

can refer to the "rules"

Day 1 (5.10): No need to do it, familiar with the interface;

2nd to 3rd day (5.11-5.12): Select the camp, save the match;

The fourth day (5.13): The system automatically competes, remember to log in the game once between 9-19 points to support other cities. During the support period, the reward will increase by 50%.

One week later (5.20, 23:59 deadline), you can receive the reward for the match;

From the second day (5.11-5.20), you can also spend the diamond donation for the military suit. . Note that if you need to exchange materials such as white stones, first change the materials and change the clothes!

The second part of the camp is to match the

two camps, competing for three cities, Two wins in three games.

For each city, the number of battles on both sides is the same (one player & ldquo; participating in the battle) will correspond to a player & ldquo; vs. rdquo;).

The mains of each city will be different. In the players who watch the Raiders, there will be a little more choice of Niedhog and Sea Sakura, but most of the silence can not be underestimated. Then, please make your choice!

New rules:

1. This camp is a cross-service match, full service is a win!

2 After choosing the camp, you can enter the world map, you can view the plot introduction of your own camp.

3. Combat and donate military funds no longer automatically accumulate the current camp military power, and instead obtain the evidence of new props, you can use the merits of the war to freely choose to increase the military strength of any one of your own camps. Improve the rank. (Note: 1. The rank of the promotion rank must be military strength > 0, 2. Can improve the rank of the unplayed master)

Send everyone three & ldquo; tens of thousands of things, good luck

[Do not wear the wrong theme]

1. Which of the main players you choose, with the interface to go in is the theme of which city, can be confirmed by the theme name on the Raiders.

2, at the bottom left of the interface, there is a set of "previous set"“ next set of ” buttons, you can save the matching of other themes

3, three sets of mix and match

4. Support one city and support one city afterwards. To be on the safe side, all three themes are saved before 9:00 on Sunday.

(The most lazy situation is to save one set in the second/three days, and then save the set one on the fourth day when you go to support. ……)

5. Before 9:00 in the morning of 5.13, click to save the three themes.

6. On Sunday, before 9:00 am, the three themes should be confirmed. The important thing is to change the method three times.

[Do not be lazy, wear clothes to wear all]

[Don’t forget to set skills]

(Super 啰嗦:

According to the situation of the first break of the battle in 2017.12, the difference between the winning and losing camps is only a few Ten diamonds, so you don’t have to be too entangled when you choose the camp.

The rebellion has achievements, but it will clear the military power of the previous camp (the rank retains; although the second rank is 200/600, but the military after the mutiny It will change from 258/600 to 0/600 instead of 200/600. So, you can consider reincarnation after you have finished the rank of a certain general (but how long will it take to get full? It feels far away! Just consider one If there are two activities, the rebellion may not be a loss.

During the current activity, if you have chosen the camp, you can’t rebel. The rebellion will wait for the next event.

As for which main player, there is a small The partner said …… don’t know npc, only know the top match! [laugh cry] [laugh cry])

The third part “dawn line”, camp activities, those orders Dazzling noun

noun source use The chapter with the peaks donates military funds, meritorious exchange and exchange of clothes, merits and demerits to participate in the battle, support the battle for the peak chapter, physical strength, gold coins, Union coins, black and white stone military exercises to participate in the battle, donate military funds to complete the ranks achievements (send diamonds) and new clothes The three gameplay donations can be used for the whole process of military activities. The diamond purchase buys the peak of the peak, and the military participates in the fourth day of the combat activity. The system automatically performs (9:00-21:00 on May 13) to obtain meritorious service and military support combat activities. On the fourth day, you need to log in once (9:00-19:00 on May 13) to get the merits, and the reward will be increased by 50% (I wonder if you can also get military power)

Part IV Redemption Form

Set name




New Yanliuliu










Yan Yan Yufei








Wind slanted bamboo shadow


Bamboo wind Xiaoxiao



New Snow Sencha



Tourmaline Bamboo


Splashing Tea


Tea Flavor Around Bamboo



Bamboo Cooking Tea

Set Achievement





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