Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen 晦雪哨站配配推荐 Warm clothing high scores

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen One of the camps of the dawn of the storm, how to match the warm clothing of the snow-snowing station? The game bird Xiaobian here tells everyone the high-scoring scheme of warm clothing, everyone is below You can choose the matching clothes.

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen Snow Scream Station Warm Clothing

Level Weight: Simple: Lively: Cute: Pure: Warm = 0.67:1.07:1.27:1.73:2

Level tag: Winter C

npc skill:

Recommended skills: Blowing smile, picky and sleepy


Hair & emsp;  type: cheesecake · rare [into · male / pumping] > wheat & middot; gorgeous [in · less] > snowball double ponytail [limited time] > noble千金[图]> Cat Niang [V1]

Even   clothing & ensp; skirt: promise your unique memories [set · pumping] (36179) > hibernation [figure] (35914) > for you Premeditated surprises [sets · pumping] (35785)> Unknown joy [streaming] (35023)> Velvet halter skirt · gorgeous [in · male] (31671)

on  &emsp Clothing: Maple Candy Sweater [Less] (18058)> Christmas Sweater (Picture) (16888)> Gradient Sweater [Pull] (15622)> Baseball Top (Gold/Draw) (15606)

下  装: gray knit skirt [pumping] (17188)> phantom · 妃 [定· staying up late] (14106)> red apron · rare [into · public /抽](13578)

Outer   Set: As in the past [Streamer]> Down vest [suck]> Grandma’s gift [Gold/Pull]

Socks & emsp;  套:结结喵铃铛[氪]> Sensing sock [Drill]> Starry Nightmare [图]> Yu Yun light around [Christmas]> Clucking socks [Drill]

Socks & emsp;  子:暖枫糖 [金/抽]> Christmas Cocoa [金/抽]> Warm sugar water [drill / pump]

Shoes & emsp; 子:森系雪靴[金〕> Lavender Boots [图]> Plus velvet shoes [Gold/Pull]

Makeup & emsp;  Rong: Cat Earl [Drill]> Dumbfounded [Streamer]> [星星]> 鸳鸯喵瞳[抽]

The Spirit of Fluorescent: Rabbit and Romance (Jie Jieyun)> Bailu Qingya [Fusu]> Lingxi Magic Deer [Fusu]&gt ; Raspberry Mousse [Jie Jieyun]


Head    Decoration: Windy Leaf Falling [Streaming]> and Warm Daylight [Streaming]> 姹紫· Hat [抽抽]> 靛青绒帽[抽抽]> brown earmuffs [pumping]> penguin caps [drilling/sucking]

head    yarn: red cloak · rare [in · male / pumping] > red cloak · gorgeous [in · public / pumping] > sea soul scarf [push]

hair & emsp;   card: gentle velvet [map] > dream 憧憬 [set · map] &gt Future 憧憬 [图]> Colorful hairpin [图]> Crayon issuing card [图]> Warm winter accompanied by [less]

Ear   Duo:Mechanical Angel [Drill]> Lion Meng Er [氪]> Taurus Horn [氪]> 垂云之角 [潜龙]> 心月狐耳 [Star]> Desperate Feather [Condensate]

Ear    Decoration: Deng Rui [Gold] > Resting Heartbeat [图]> Holy Night Wish [Christmas]> Warm Winter Earrings [less]

Wai    towel: natural gift [gold / pumping] > snow Cocoa pumping] [& gt; [streamer winter meet] & gt; [FIG winter scarves] & gt; [fight Scarf drill] & gt; monkey plushCap [金]

Item    Chain: Gentle Bow Tie [Definite · Streamer]> Big Carrot [Limited Time]> Space Time Neck · Rose [Setting · Figure] > Colorful Bow Tie [图]

Handicraft · Right: Bow Ribbon [Day and Night]> Catkins Bracelet [图]> Blooming Neon [图]> Luminous Surround [Drill]

Hand Decoration · Left: God’s Pen [Four Gods] > Doll Ribbon [Drill] > Jie Jieyun’s Dessert [Gold] > Laurel Bracelet [Gold]

Jewelry · Double: 姹紫· Gloves [Pull] > Talmoon Gloves [图]> Flower Gloves [Set · Pumping] > Clusters 锦 [Limited Time]

Handheld · Right: Peach Heart Packet [Gold/Pull ]> Guardian Bear [Wedding] > Claws Plush Bag [Dream Square]

Handheld · Left: 提’s Basket [Gold] > Warm Ocean [Figure] > ]> Jinruifu Lamp [图]> Solid wood palette [图]

Waist & emsp;  Decoration: Blessing Horn [Christmas] > Love Gift Box [图]> Sweet Cheese [Sign 15]> Small Apron [图]> Guanghan Pei [Picture]> Zero restart [Gold]

Jewelry ·Special

face & emsp; & emsp; decoration: sleepy insects [图] > fireplace messenger [氪] > sharp sight [dream square] > accidental event [drill]

chest & emsp; & emsp; decoration: pressure Red envelope [氪]> Stagnation morning bell [drill]> Evergreen snowman [氪]> Jiefu Lianyun [Hanguang]> White rabbit candy [梦坊]

纹   Body: Meng Xiong goggles [Login] > Little Freckles [图]> Red cheeks [图]> Watching Stars [图]> Devotional Kiss [Limited Time]

Wings & emsp;  : Eternal Power [图]> Light Pink Fantasy [图]> Blue Sky (Figure) > Dawn Wings (Magic Night)> Little Devil’s Wing [图]

Tail    Ba: Bai Xue Jin Ling [Christmas] > Lingrui Monkey Tail [Gold] > Jinfu Monkey Tail [Gold]

Pre    Scene: Pure White Age [Set · Picture] > Dancing youth

After   景: 卧兔灵珑 [Star]> 噩梦诊室 [图]> Fortune Hengtong [氪]> Holy Night Fireplace [图]> Absurd Paradise [Drill]

Top    Decoration: Colorful Dreamland [Set · Figure] > May Rose [Condensate] > Linyuan Comb [Condensate]

Ground & emsp;  Face: Fortune Rolling [Changguang]> Peony Solution [Four Gods]> Specials Small Card [氪]> Rotating Balls [图]

Skin & emsp;  Skin: Passionate Sunshine ]> Skateboarder [Limited Time]> Enthusiastic Melody [Limited Time]> Broken Puppet [图]

Here we have provided you with accessories, special accessories and some related accessories, if any Need to be able to choose from the accessories recommended above.

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