Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How to match the battle of the dawning warfare

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen How to match the chaos showdown military uniform? Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen breaks the battle uniform with high scores, today Xiaobian wants to bring you Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen chaos The top of the military uniform.

Level Weight: Simplicity: Elegance: Mature: Sexy: Cool = 0.8:0.8:1.67:1.67:0.53

Level Tag: Military C

npc skills: smile picky and sleepy anti-pick

Recommended skills: blow kiss smile picky sleep


hair & emsp; & emsp; type: messy [图]> Fenghua · Ink [风月]> Manor Jiaohua · Gorgeous [into · Gong]> Hua Xi Yan [缥缈]>> Jin Yutai [set · Forbidden City]

even   clothing & ensp; skirt: black iron era [fix · map] (32477) > officer uniform [weaving dream] (31284)

on   & emsp; clothing: navy vest ·图](16403)> 飒爽英姿·墨蓝[定·进·公](16399)> Army vest [图](16098)> 飒爽英姿(公)(15950)

下下  装:铁血柔情· 纯白(定·入·公](16179)> 铁血柔情·暗红(定·进&m Iddot;公](15600)> Jaggedness (public) (15446)

Outer    Set: Officer Coat · Ink Blue [定·入·公]>阵[图]> Navy Major [定定=middot;图]> Camouflage Jacket [图]> Tactical Windbreaker [Weaving Dream]> Officer’s Coat [Male]

Socks    Set: Officer Pistol [achievement]> Butterfly Dance Light · Rare [Into · Male]> Swallow Butterfly Socks [Male]

Socks    Son: Vampire (Gold/Pull)> Midnight Flower [Small Shop]> Fairy Dreams (Set · In · Male)> Star Road Stockings [Drill]

Shoes & emsp;  Son: Over the Knee Boots [图]>北地英姿·boots [图]> North Country Night [Drawing Dream]> Dreaming Steps [Sign 24]

Makeup   容:Abyss sigh [图]> [Set · Desert] > 睥睨生生 [V15]> Nether Purple (Star)

Swimmer Spirit: Night Motorcycle [Louis] > Vintage 羁绊 [Orlando] &gt ; 沧海玄鳞 [冥水鸢]> glory of the umbrella [Orlando]


Head    Decoration: Stone wall black 鹫 [定 &middot ;图]> Army wide-brimmed hat [图]> Dream of the moment [Sign 24]> Soldier’s hat [Male]

Head   Yarn: The scale of the scales [氪]> Girl (定定·进·公]> Dream Cloak [图]> Snowy Veil (Dream Square)

Hair    Card: Iron Feather Crown [图]> Thorns Crown 〔氪〕> 梦古[四神]> Lights 眸回[黎明]

Ear   多:Orc’s ear [图]> 心月狐耳[星星]> Gray wolf Ear [定定=middot;公]> Desperate Feather [Condensate]> Dark Brown Wolf Ear [Male]

Ear    Decoration: Bat Earrings [图]> 莺蕊· Purple [定定=middot;图]> Winter Yao [图]> Denim Earrings · Gorgeous [in · Male/Pull]

Wai    towel: time stagnation [V15]> 灵蛇小隐· 幻幻 [定· 公]> 灵蛇小隐 [公]

项  链: binding bandage [图]> thorn chain · [Into · map] > Tianjiangzhu [Star] > Love and Flower Oath [Wedding]

Jewelry · Right: Jin Yao Bracelet [Drill] > Blood Bandage [achievement] & gt; Butterfly Dancing drifting zero · purple butterfly (fixed · into · public] > turbulent approach [氪] > bundled sale [gold]

jewelry · left: blue silk around [voting] > plum flower [福袋]> Pink Flower Branch [Condensate]> Star Break · Left [梦坊]

Handicraft · Double: Navy Leather Gloves (Setting · Figure)> Shadow of the Forest ·图]> Long Leather Gloves [图]> Belief of Faith [Male]

Handheld · Right: Sniper Rifle [图]> Red Bile Flame (Set · Figure]&gt White Night Moon Aurora [图]> 霁月诗 [风月]

Handheld · Left: Grip cloth painting [图]> Leather wallet [achievement]> Falling Soul [Night] [魑魅]> Real Light [图]> Lingyin Bow [Male]

Waist & emsp;  Decoration: Dawn Blade (Plot)> Jin Yao Waist Chain [Drill]> Real Desire [Set · Blood Moon]> Nothing False [Blood Moon]> Flemish Paradox [Drill]

Jewelry ·Special

Face & emsp;  Decoration: Holographic Communicator [图]> Resentment Seal [Gold]> True Eye [氪]

Chest & emsp;   Decoration: Suspended Wing · Virus [定定=middot;钻]> 水缎云间·青[定·四战]> Salvation Bandage [金]

纹  身:芊眠·夜[风月] > Frosty Dragonscale [氪]> Glory Symbol [图]> Jinsui Fengshuo [氪]> Bloodline Contract [Blood Moon]> Mysterious Butterfly [Gold]

Wing & emsp;  Body: Wing of Sin (Blood Moon)> Sniffing Rose [图]> Power Ejector [图]> Steady State Transmission [图]> Stone Bone Magic [氪]

Tail   巴千千狐狐尾[钻]> 丰穗神尊[氪]> The end of the wolf [风月]>> Seven-tone [Drill]> Ying Fu Evil [Gold]

  景: 破晓曙光(套·图]> Xueyun Storm [achievement]> Time and Space Pilot [图]> Hong Meng Yunqi [云禅]

After    Granny Lightning [Set · Figure] > Dead Life [Night] [魑魅]> The meaning of the pole [Drill]

Top    Decoration: Broken shackle [图]> Pulse Sniper bomb [福袋]> Holy 棺 [氪]> 枷 枷 〔 [入入· 图]

地地  面:青蛇影[投票]> Abyssal wolf 〕> Bloody Temple [Night] [魑魅]> Beautiful Flower [风月]

Skin & emsp;  Skin: Pickup Puppet [Into · Figure] > Broken Puppet [图]&gt Skateboarder [Limited Time]> Passionate Melody [Limited Time]

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